Sweet Teeth
High Anxiety

Label: Lövely Records
Three similar bands: Dinosaur Jr./Hüsker Dü/The Posies

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. High Anxiety
2. Love Panic
3. The Lesser The Hope
4. Compared to You
5. Against the Wind
6. Soul Sunday
7. October
8. Break My Heart Again
9. Too Good
10. Wasted
11. No Me
12. Don´t Be Afraid

Joona Hassinen - bass
Andreas Axelson - guitar, vocals
Joakim Ölund - drums
Andreas Sjöberg - guitar

Acid Rain (2021)


Recorded in Welfare Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, with Per Stålberg
Vocals recorded in Crypt of Death studios with Joona Hassinen
Mixed by Per Stålberg
Mastered by Joona Hassinen in Studio Underjord

Released 2022-10-14
Reviewed 2022-10-16

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High Anxiety, wasn’t that a movie? It is also the first album by the band Sweet Teeth who before this one released a one-sided vinyl called Acid Rain. I found this vinyl hanging nicely in a bag from the postal service on the mailbox, and I took on playing it as I just love the vinyl format – be it good, bad, or indifferent albums, vinyl is just more fun and better. I read about a band from the small town of Finspång, has about thirteen thousand inhabitants and is an industrial town. Kind of ideal for dreamers with the desire to see something more exciting, like Göteborg where they recorded this album.

It is a punkish power pop album, I read that they don’t want to complicate things, and they certainly keep it straightforward with short and energetic songs that are very accessible. The energy is high all the way through, all but the last tracks play for less than three minutes, and the playing time of the dozen tracks is therefore very sensible. Something that is required considering that the songs are a bit repetitive, and I imagine that playing them very much will not be the best.

I have played this album a fair bit though, and I find it enjoyable still, though last time now it started to get a little too much but that was perhaps due to it was the third time getting through it while writing this review and working on some other small things on the computer. So, don’t play it too much on repeat, if you don’t, I am sure you will enjoy it immensely. The opening title tracks is a high energy tone setter that brings you into this album in a great way, and it goes on from there mostly high pace and energy. They might not reinvent the wheel that much, but they manage to sound relatively fresh and exciting, and mostly they sound great.

If you enjoy the simpler things, or music with energy and pace, then it will be a great album for you to check out. I think Sweet Teeth showcases some real quality here, and this band should be quite impressive to see on stage, or just to listen to on record if that is what you prefer. I recommend checking this one out, their vinyl is still resting in my record player – maybe I play it once more before going for the next as it is such an enjoyable release.