Sound of Smoke

Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: Wytch/Crystal Spiders/Zahn

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Strange Fruit
02. Witch Boogie
03. Indian Summer
04. Dreamin´
05. Soft Soaper
06. Devils Voice
07. Human Salvation

Isabelle Bapté - Vocals, Keys
Jens Stöver - Guitar
Florian Kiefer - Bass
Johannes Braunstein - Drums

Eleutheromania (EP 2017)


Recorded at Yard Studio, Freiburg
Mix & Mastering by Markus Heinzel and Mitaine

Released 2022-02-18
Reviewed 2022-06-12


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and I think that sounds interesting. Bands that combine things like soul, swing, jazz, things like that with more of a rock sound tend to be interesting. Sound of smoke has a very soulful female vocalist as well, so on paper it seems to be very interesting. This album called Tales is the first album by the German band, they released an EP in 2017, and now they give us seven tales with a distinctive feel of retro.

The style is bluesy rock with a soul type singer, more akin to the soul than the rock sound. They certainly have ingredients to make something exciting, but I don’t hear much that sounds like the individual sound of the band that I read about in the press sheet when I listen to the album. I hear seven tracks that doesn’t sound unique or creatively exciting, this sound of smoke isn’t the smoky dark club sound that I was hoping for, but rather a bit sterile.

I cannot say that I find this album particularly interesting, the best thing about it is that it has a fairly short playing time as I would otherwise grown extremely bored with it. Sure, the album has its upsides, but they are too few and not really good enough to make up for the shortcomings. I find it to be a slow, and somewhat boring album, with a sound that doesn’t appeal to me – I don’t think they utilize the combination of styles in a way that makes the album and songs interesting.

Little bit disappointing, I cannot drop the sensation that it should have been better. The singer would probably be put to better use in an actual soul band, she has a strong voice, but on this album she sounds about as dull as uninteresting as the album in general.