The Machine Has Failed

Label: Electric Valley Records
Three similar bands: Clutch/Corrosion of Conformity/Orange Goblin

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Hammerhead
2. Book of the Dead
3. Man vs Man
4. Behold
5. Kraken
6. Sever the Hand
7. Charger
8. The Machine Has Failed
9. World Behind My Eyes

Matteo Meloni - vocals
Bruno Bassi - guitars
Karl Sandner - bass
Fabio Sforza - drums

Adding Fuel to Fire (2007)
4​-​Barrel Retribution (EP 2011)
Serpente (2014)


Recorded at Sotto il Mare Recording Studios (Verona, IT) and NoLogo Recording Studio. (Leifers/Laives, IT)
Engineered by Luca Tacconi
Mixed by Fabio Sforza
Mastered at Swift Mastering (London, UK)
Artwork by Solomacello
Band Photos: K. Micheli

Released 2022-04-29
Reviewed 2022-06-06

electric valley records

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Is it because of that failed machine they are sitting there in the small boat when the waves are looking fierce? Perhaps it is, the cover is cool anyway. Italian band Slowtorch has been around for two decades soon, they were founded in 2005 and have had the same line-up since 2012. Their discography is short for a band that has been around for such a long time, and the previous album was released in 2014, those who became fans then has been forced to wait for the next album for quite a while. But now the next album is here, and it starts with a bang.

Stoner metal is what it is, heavy and powerful, straightforward songs are on offer, and they don’t bother with any intro or anything, the album starts almost in the middle of a sentence – I think that is great. The production is typical of the stoner style, heavy, and raw sound like always – there is nothing standing out in that regard. The variation is also what you can expect from an album in the genre, the playing time is very sensible with about 38 minutes, and the singer is a typical stoner singer with a powerful voice.

After a few spins I can conclude that this is a typical stoner metal album, it doesn’t stand out from the rest. I like how it start with Hammerhead, but to be honest there aren’t any standout tracks on this album – there are good stoner tracks from start to end. It is an album that you can like, that is pretty easy to like, but it is not a particularly memorable album. I would place them as perhaps slightly above average; I have enjoyed listening to it but it is doubtful that I will return to it now that I have written about it.

If you are a fan of the stoner rock or metal genre there is a good chance that you will find this album to be very good or even great. If you are not a fan of that musical category I doubt that this album will make you one, you can safely continue browsing for your next new album without missing out on anything.