Seeking Sirens
Departing Ways

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Fear The United/Vanisher/From Under Concrete Kings

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Departing Ways
2. Surface
3. Splinter
4. Grip
5. Living Truth


Kevin Wilson
Joseph Izayea
Dave Sustain
Matt Lavocado
Chris Kilcup




Released 2022-06-03
Reviewed 2022-06-19


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There is something a bit uninspired about the Departing Ways EP by Seeking Sirens. Not the cover, it looks pretty great. But the press releases and promo seem a tad uninspired not really listing the band members, if they have done anything before this EP, and that sort of thing. And online it is the same, the same press releases that I already have are quoted, the band only has social media pages where it is impossible to even find out the names of the band members in an easy way. But then I think (after hearing the EP a few times) that it is pointless for me to care about them when they don’t care about me as a music fan.

Metalcore of the standard formula is what they are giving us, typical style vocals both the growly and clean stuff – most bands sing like this. The sound is modern, the production is typical of a modern metalcore release – no surprises. I just wonder where one buys an album and if it is released in physical form. Not that I will buy it anyway, but I find it pointless to waste resources on creating something that is best recycled. The five tracks are of the standard format and there is not a single surprise on offer on this EP – it sounds the opposite of the cover, and it is almost like you hope that the band is sitting in the car and the water keeps rising, and that it brings along sharks hungry for some human flesh.

I was pretty bored when hearing this EP, not because it is bad or anything because it isn’t bad. It is just the same as everything and if there is something I mostly hate, it is repetition, routine, I can relisten to good albums and rewatch good movies, but I usually dislike when those are plagiarised by artists without any thoughts of their own. This is one of those, and the band don’t even care enough to provide a good source of info on themselves, perhaps they know that they are doomed to obscurity anyway, so they don’t see the point of having a website, a bandcamp site, or whatever?

I don’t think there is too much need to bother with this one, it isn’t great, it isn’t even particularly good. It is just another one of those releases to which there is no real point, it was made and released by a band who just wanted to say that they have recorded something – I don’t see any other point to this release. Files deleted says my computer, and I have freed up some space for the next download that I am sure is more interesting than this one – you can hardly get any more indifferent than this EP.