Label: HQ REC/Pudsige Herrer Musik Aps
Three similar bands: The Ugly Kings/Boss Keloid/Lowrider

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Robot
2. Ro På, Danmark!
3. Arbejde Gør Fri
4. King Diamond
5. Oprør!
6. Sabbatår
7. 2040-Planen
8. Edderkoppemor
9. Skyggekæmper

Jakob R. Kappel - Guitar, Lap Steel & Vocals
Kári Birk Wellsandt - Tripple Fuzz Bass
Mads Brander Fjeldvig - Drums, Backing Vocals



Production & Mix; Mads Brander FjeldvigMastering: Emil Thomsen/ET MASTERING
Artwork: Jakob Kappel

Released 2022-06-10
Reviewed 2022-06-11

hq rec

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Danish saboteurs that have arrived to tell us some truths through their music, perhaps. Their debut album is called Skyggekæmper and it contains nine powerful tracks, it plays for about fifty minutes. Cool artwork is one thing that strikes me about it, and that they have songs that very much deals with the world today, taking a stance against the raging commercialism and all that stuff, and they make it with a sense of humour and a fuzzy sound.

Stoner is probably one way to describe these guys, their music is powerful with a fuzzy sound as well. The singer is good, he can vary his singing quite a lot over the nine tracks. A funny detail is that they sing in Danish, quite an exotic language for hard rock singing, but it works really well for their songs, it adds a nice twist to the band’s songs. The variation over the tracks is good, the fifty-minute playing time is pretty fine for this album, perhaps a little long, but not enough to be a bother.

Good album, it has some excellent moment, especially the opening track Robot and the following Ro På Danmark are great and sets a tone for the rest of the album. In a way it is a shame that there weren’t any more tracks of that calibre, but the album is good nonetheless. They debut well and showcase some excellence in the song creating department.

At least this is an album worth checking out, the cover looks great so a vinyl could be a nice addition to the record shelf. I place this album on the upper levels of the average span, it is great in its best moments, but the album as a while may be good but doesn’t stand out enough from the crowds in terms of quality and enjoyment. It has its great moments, and therefore it is probably worth having a look at.