Cosmic Dreams

Label: MDD Records
Three similar bands: Lanfear/Victorius/Eldritch

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Building Better Worlds
2. Untamed Hearts
3. Depths Of Nothingness
4. Cosmic Dreams
5. Astronaut
6. Blitzwerfer Blues
7. Seemingly
8. Only Scars Remain
9. Wonderful Life
10. The Narrow Sleep
11. My Reternity

Stefan Zörner - Vocals
Semen Brik - Guitars
Carsten Sauter - Guitars
Duste Decay - Bass Guitar
Conner Nelson - Drums

Facing The Demons (2019)
A Test Of Shadows (2020)

Add. Keys, Programming and arrangements by Andy Horn
Guitar solo on Depths Of Nothingness by Semen Brik
Add. Vocals on Building Better Worlds by Laura Horn

Recorded at HORN Musicproduction, June 21 - March 2022
Produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Horn
Cover Artwork by Giusy Lo Coco
Band photography by Christian Sommer/ The Sound of Pictures
Booklet artwork and layout by Duste Decay and Kai Wilhelm

Released 2022-09-30
Reviewed 2022-11-

mdd records

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Great looking cover that suggests adventure, drama, space, future worlds, and other exciting things. One of those covers you really want to be on a great album. It happens to be the third offering by the German band called Raternity, and it is said to be taking them departing from the thrash-influenced metal of the first two albums. It looks more futuristic, and perhaps also clever. I don’t know this band from before, but it feels like there are many aspects that has been given thought and it is not just copying everyone else, one clever thing is that symmetric playing time of 44:44; it has to a conscious choice, hasn’t it?

Well, the music could suggest that. It is adventurous, the cosmic dreams go through the album from the opener to the end. The vocalist is good, the melodies are infectious, the ideas fresh, the variation good, and there is fine depth. I like the polished, yet heavy, production that we are treated to. It is not a too long album, and the variation is good enough to keep it feeling fresh for quite a while. I would say that it is a bit progressive in the sense that it feels like a fresh take on the melodic metal genre, not something to be said about just any album. There are, in fact, quite few albums that feels as interesting as this one.

There is a lot to like here, perhaps especially the opener Building Better Worlds, borrowed from Aliens perhaps? I also think that the title track is a fine piece of music, there are more as well, in fact the whole album is of great quality. I don’t see that there are any weaknesses here, just strong and catchy songs that impress the listener. As it is varied and with good depth it is an album you can listen to lots of time without growing tired with it, and I would be surprised if it wasn’t the best yet by this band.

Definitely an album worth checking out and listening to, it is probably one of the better ones of 2022. It may not be amongst the absolute best, but it is not far beyond and therefore it is easy to conclude that Carsten, Stefan and company has put together a great album well worthy of your attention. Clearly one of the better albums I have written about this year, check it out!