Human Mechanic

Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Rainbow/Uriah Heep

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Nothing Box
2. Ghost
3. No One's Getting Out Alive
4. Something Magical
5. Human Mechanic
6. TV Stars & Internet Freaks
7. Made Of Steel
8. Soul To Soul
9. Four Stone Walls
10. Passing Through

Ian Paice – Drums
Nick Fyffe – Bass
Robby Thomas Walsh – Vocals
Christoph Kogler – Hammonds Keyboards
Herbert Bucher – Guitars

This Is The Thing No.1 (2015)
Venus to Volcanus (2017)


Recorded at Henley On Thames Studios and Musicline Studios, Neu-Ulm, Germany
Mastered at Pro-Suite-Audio
Engineer: James Paice
Mastered by Matthew Fleischmann
Mixed by Herbert Bucher, Matthias Mezger
Produced by Herbert Bucher and Robby Thomas Walsh

Released 2022-08-26
Reviewed 2022-10-30



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The quintet called Purpendicular happens to be both a Deep Purple cover-band and a band doing their own stuff, this album called Human Mechanic is their third. We reviewed their third one in 2017, and I don’t think that we were too impressed with it. This new effort has a cooler cover art, so at least it looks more exciting. The problem with the previous was the lack of originality, it felt tired from the beginning, can this one change that? I read that you won’t find a copy of Deep Purple here, but the influences are there, like the Hammonds and such, so let us see what that means.

Well, not an exact copy of Deep Purple, but nostalgic rock in that vein, and in the vein of Uriah Heep, and other organ heavy rockers from the seventies. Not exactly the most original album anyone has ever heard, quite far from it actually. Typical rocker voice, typical rocker style. The fresh ideas are absent, and while they are good at crafting music and performing with a rare confidence, it still makes it an album that feels very familiar. It is one of those albums that you feel like you know the first time you hear them, and that is almost always something negative as that means you will grow tired with it quickly.

I thought this one was well over an hour long, until I glanced at the playing time and noticed that it was only about 47 minutes long. It gets pretty tired and dull after three-four tracks, let’s say that the little relevance there was dies after the title track and more than half the album is just dead space. It is a well-made album, decently produced, but the songs might just as well have been rejects from bands like Deep Purple or Uriah Heep. It is not the best songs, and not very original so I find myself wondering why – why not just keep doing Deep Purple cover shows. I guess releasing albums is a hope to earn a little more, hopefully they don’t. Not because I want them to starve or anything, I just hope that this lazy lack of creativity will be stopped from release as it dilutes the choices and makes it harder for quality bands to get the attention they deserve.

This is an album that might work on the barbecue party or something like that, when you don’t really listen to it and just want something inoffensive for the background. But it is an album that I grew tired with almost instantly, not because it is that awful, it is just not interesting when you copy something that has already been done by others. Albums like these just suffocates the world of music, covering everything like a blanked of meaninglessness to an extent that you lose the will to live. No, I don’t recommend this one, it would be better if music like this ends up collecting dust in some dark basement.