The Death of Death

Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Karnivool/Katatonia/Deftones

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Swan
2. Rituals
3. The death of Death
4. Tomorrow's Rainbow
5. A Road out of the Flood
6. Our Fire

Odysseas Zafeiriou – Bass
Michael Kotsirakis – Guitars
Stavros Markonis – Vocals
Orestis Zafeiriou – Synths / Sampling
Giorgos Pouliasis – Drums

Athens (2013)
In Time With Gravity (2017)


Produced by Orestis Zafeiriou and Stavros Markonis
Mixed by C.A.Cederberg
Mastered by George Tandero
Recorded by Nikos Michalodimitrakis
Artwork by Ismini Christakopoulou

Released 2022-03-18
Reviewed 2022-05-06

pelagic records

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Playgrounded offers a red album, it is their third. It looks exciting, and it is called The Death of Death – interesting name. The band has been around for about a decade now and are based in Athens and Rotterdam, I read that they like to deconstruct and reconstruct, and that The Death of Death is about the unity in opposites. It is never a bad idea to deconstruct contradictory elements to find unifying parts, if we all did that we would most likely live in a better world. On the bandcamp site of the band we can read about these things and how The Death of Death plays like a movie soundtrack. A movie soundtrack can be both positive or negative considering that the music in a movie is supposed to enhance a visual element while a music album should be the centre of attention – so perhaps it is not the best way to describe an album, but perhaps they mean it like the music is telling a story.

It is an atmospheric album; post- or progressive metal is probably the best way to describe in terms of genre. It is like a story being told, from the opener The Swan that sets the dreamy tone all the way to Our Fire that ends it all in a logical way. The album has a good flow from start to end, the vocals are great for the style and the production excellent. They do appear a bit familiar, I draw parallels to bands I have reviewed before like The Ocean, Katatonia, LLNN, and many more, so they are not overly original, but they still give a rather fresh impression. I did however think that the hit single Tomorrow’s Rainbow was a cover song, but I can’t find any proof of that so it is probably just familiar in some regard. Besides mentioned song there are five more, so six tracks in total, and a playing time of around forty minutes which seems very sensible.

I like the dreamy atmospheres of this album; the starter song is quite great of setting the tone and draw your attention. Tomorrow’s Rainbow is a brilliant song that is the most memorable part of this album, a song that makes you want to return to the album. And you should want to return as it is a very attractive album, one that I probably will return to even after I have finished writing about it. I don’t find any flaws worth mentioning, the quintet has given us a great atmospheric album that can be played many times over. The depth and atmosphere also gives the album a longevity that most albums don’t have, and I would say that it has a rather timeless quality to it so it could still be relevant many years from now.

The Death of Death is certainly an album worth checking out, it has a lot to like. It presses the good buttons, and even though it may not be among the absolute best it is more than worth giving a few minutes of your time. Playgrounded has given us a dreamy and exciting album, I like it.