Pop Metal

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Amaranthe/Cascada/Evanescence

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. We Are One
2. Sympathy
3. Back Off
4. Paralyze
5. Psycho
6. Miscreation
7. Not My Fault
8. Deja Vu
9. Empire

Johanna Ahonen - Vocals
Mikko Kujanpää - Keyboards
Aleksi Mäkelä - Guitar
Aapo Timonen - Bass
Eemeli Timonen - Drums

The Cost of Greatness (2020)


Mixed and mastered by Rami Nykänen

Released 2022-03-25
Reviewed 2022-04-09


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Pop metal is a very appealing title and considering that the debut album The Cost of Greatness was great, it would be a fair bet to imagine that this pop metal has everything desirable for an album. So, does it? The Finnish band has nine tracks on offer, and they have a cover for the album that pretty much tells you what to expect, synths, pop metal songs with very catchy choruses and female vocals.

If you heard the debut album you will find it familiar, but when the debut was a conceptual album, this is a more traditional thing. There are nine songs that doesn’t necessarily fit together strongly as an album, the coherency isn’t the best I have heard. The songs are catchy and melodic with plenty of synths and choruses that are made to stick into your mind. The playing time is sensibly short, the variation isn’t that much, most songs are catchy, fast, lite radio friendly pop songs – not much differs from this.

This singer is good, as are the melodies – they surely know how to write good songs. What I am missing is that outstanding hit song, the one that really grabs you, like the opener of the recent Fellowship album, or Have a Nice Judgment Day by Trick or Treat to name a pair. Most of the songs are very catchy and very good though, with perhaps Sympathy being the one that makes the biggest mark in my mind – unfortunately none of the tracks are magically outstanding. There are also tired tracks where Miscreation is most notable, there I really lose my interest.

Overall I find this album to be good, but not of the same calibre of the debut that was more interesting as a full, and also had more magic than this one. Still, could be worth checking out for those of you that enjoy the catchy and melodic poppier side of metal because it is impossible to claim that this album is anything but good – I only wish they realised their sky high potential with an excellent hit song on this album – it would have made it far less forgettable than it is now.