The Cost of Greatness

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Amaranthe/Cascada/Evanescence

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Drown Memories
2. Eternal Fame
3. Bring It On
4. Riot In The Crowd
5. Where Is The Gold
6. Lift Me Up
7. Pounding Heart
8. Mindreader
9. Theme Park
10. The Cost of Greatness

Johanna Ahonen – vocals
Mikko Kujanpää – keyboards
Aleksi Mäkelä – guitars
Aapo Timonen – bass
Eemeli Timonen – drums



Recorded by Mikko Kujanpää
Mixed by Atte O. Pohjonen (Gut Punch Audio)
Mastered by Samu Oittinen (Fantom Studio)

Released 2020-09-30
Reviewed 2021-02-01


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Memoremains is a band knowing the cost of greatness and have entitled their debut album The Cost of Greatness, an album with a pretty good-looking artwork. One question is if buying it is paying the cost of greatness. It is described as pop-metal from Finland, and that could be interesting as long as they don’t use their native Finnish language as that isn’t a very lyrical language, but it is obvious that they sing really well in English. It is an album of ten tracks that ends with an epically long title track, kind of symphonic power metal style doing it that way – and there are some touches of that in their style.

Easy-going pop-metal with traces of power metal and symphonic metal as well as disco, it is catchy as hell and very accessible. It is a pretty varied album, and it is dynamic with strong female vocals that suits the style perfectly. The production is very good, and the sound is fresh, even though they can’t be said to present much we haven’t heard before, freshness without novelty is probably a thing I would use to describe the album.

Most impressive in its best moments, like Theme Park, Lift Me Up, Bring it On, they are songs that really stand out and are really great and cheerful. I think most of the album is rather excellent, but there are some weaker sides as well, like the very long title track. Mindreader is another track that I find to be pretty drab as well, so there are some lower points, but the upsides are so many more and I find this album to be great overall as you can always skip the weaker tracks if you want to.

Overall, I think this album is worth recommending, it is really cheerful and enjoyable pop-metal with songs that are catchy as hell. We get strong hits and music that is more or less impossible to dislike, especially for the ones who enjoy the more melodic avenues of the metal genre. It may not stand out that much, but you get enjoyable songs that will put a smile on your face. And for the cost you get some greatness, and that makes it worth the price.