Mariangela Demurtas
Dark Ability

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Tristania/Ardours/Iridio

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. City
2. Classic
3. Crossing Time
4. Forgiverance

Mariela Demurtas




Released 2022-02-11
Reviewed 2022-05-06


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It seems like Mariangela has a dark ability, maybe it is mad vocal skills that she has showcased in bands like Tristania and Ardours – or something else. She has put together a four-track EP that she hopes will launch her fame to higher levels, perhaps. I like the use of white as the primary colour of the cover, but the cover photo is hardly flattering for Mariangels, rather the opposite. So, what about the music, flattering or not?

It is dark pop or something that I would describe like that, far from the metal of a band like Tristania. Mariangela sings well, the songs are of the singer-songwriter slow character with lots of focus on the vocals, and she is good enough to convince in that regard. The songs are all slow, and there isn’t much variation over the four tracks we are getting. The playing time is of course short considering that the tracks are seems to be built with radio friendliness in consideration.

I don’t think there is much hit potential through EP, the songs are good in their own right but there aren’t anything that stands out. I think opener City makes the biggest impression but that is probably mostly down to it being the first song rather than anything else. While the songs are good enough, they are more like fillers than the standout hit that makes albums fly. And an EP of only fillers is not that brilliant, or rather it is pretty bad. An album with only tracks of this character and quality would have been terrible, the EP is shorter, so it is less damaging but still not good.

How well does a boat build only with ballast work, or a house built only of the insulation material, or a car with only seats and interior, because that is what Mariangela’s EP is. The Dark Ability seems to be to bore the listeners to sleep, or worse. I find that there are few redeeming features of this EP, the songs are fine on their own but combined it makes for boredom. Perhaps it would be wiser for Mariangela to focus on band projects instead of trying for a solo career, or perhaps she should hire song writers that can write songs worthy of her great singing skills because this EP is just a complete waste of time.