Major Parkinson
Valesa - Chapter I: Velvet Prison

Label: Apollon Records
Three similar bands: Defenders of the Small Yard/Tom Waits/Kaizers Orchestra

Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Review: Daniel Källmalm
1. Goodbye Blue Monday
2. Behind the Next Door
3. Saturday Night
4. Ride in the Whirlwind
5. Live Forever
6. Sadlands
7. Intermezzo
8. Jonah
9. Velvet Moon
10. Irina Margareta
11. The House
12. The Room
13. Posh-Apocalypse
14. MOMA
15. Lemon Symphony
16. Fantasia Me Now!
17. Heroes

Jon Ivar Kollbotn – vocals
Øystein Bech-Eriksen – guitar
Eivind Gammersvik – bass
Sondre Veland – drums
Lars Christian Bjørknes – keys
Sondre Skollevoll – guitar, backing vocals
Claudia Cox – violin, vocals

Major Parkinson (2009)
Songs From A Solitary Home (2010)
Twilight Cinema (2014)
Blackbox (2018)



Released 2022-10-07
Reviewed 2022-10-01

apollon records

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The Norwegian Major returns with a new album following their excellent release Blackbox that I awarded a high rating some years ago – there was some magic on that album. So, it would be natural to have some great expectations for this album, a meticulous conceptual creation from a great band. That must be something worth watching, or is it? Let’s see what the major has to offer.

They offer a very varied album with great depth and a variety of styles that range through pop, disco, rock, metal, and many different things. There are surprises with many unexpected things throughout, a very creative effort with fresh ideas where they mix strong hit-potential with the wholesomeness of the story. They mix vocals with dark barytone and lighter female vocals, and a lot in between that. You should expect the unexpected, that is the thing of this album. The seventeen tracks also play for a sensible time, it is a quality production all the way through.

This is a great album with lots of depth, and a plethora of excellent tracks. I like how the voices collaborate throughout the story. There are some strong hits where I especially like the one called Saturday Night, that is an excellent track to play over and over. It can also be worth mentioning tracks like Live Forever and Jonah, and the story is rather excellent as well – it is a very exciting album that is without weaknesses.

One of the most exciting albums of this year, and one that is very well worth watching and enjoying. If you like fresh music, music with ideas and outside the box thinking, Major Parkinson’s latest effort should be something for you. I recommend checking this one out.