Magical Heart

Label: Fasball Music
Three similar bands: Jane’s Addiction/Bonfire/Def Leppard

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Bad Habits
02. Heartsonic
03. My Own Way
04. Waiting for so Long
05. Daydream
06. Magical Star
07. How Will The Story End
08. Free of Pain
09. It Could go on (Forever)
10. Take Your Time
11. Raise

Christian Urner - vocals, guitar
Patrick Schuster - guitar
Robert Frenz - bass
Giuliano-Pepe Müller - drums

Another Wonderland (2018)

Kilian Kellner - drums
Pierre van Endert - keys, piano

All songs produced by Magical Heart
Mixing and mastering by Achim Köhler @ Indiscreet Audio
All drums played and recorded by Kilian Kellner @ OGM-Studios, München
All keys/piano arranged and played by Pierre van Endert
Artwork by Björn Gooßes,
Band photo by Lars Kupetz

Released 2022-10-07
Reviewed 2022-10-22



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Second album by German quartet Magical Heart, the first was released in 2018 and we here at Hallowed thought it was rather good. So, what about this one? It certainly looks better than the predecessor, and that is always a good thing. Otherwise there is not much that catches my eyes in the press sheet, analogue, straightforward rock following their instincts – I wonder how many times I have read some variation on that. It doesn’t inspire me to play the album, that is why I never read about the bands before I listen to them.

The music of the quartet is straightforward melodic hard rock, pretty much according to the format with catchy choruses and well-established hooks. There are no surprises here, they follow well-threaded paths and so on. The singer does his job well, he sounds like the typical rock singer, nothing special in that regard. The variation of songs is what you can expect from anything in this genre, no surprises. Another one of those albums that makes me think of that Radiohead song – I love that song, but I don’t love albums without surprises, or very rarely do.

This album is accessible, and it is good. Songs like Bad Habits and How Will the Story End are noticeable, but all the songs are of good quality. The album has no major weaknesses. It is just that a variation on this is probably what I have written most during my time writing reviews for Hallowed. It is one of those strong and well-made albums that are just destined to be forgotten. The lot in life when you aren’t making anything fresh or exciting; you have to make something different to be remembered, and as far as memorability goes this album offers very little of that.

If you buy this album on a CD or something you will not be disappointed, you might even sing along with some of the songs. Then after a few spins you will place this album in the record shelf and there it will remain for the rest of time, or until you sell your record collection. It is good enough to enjoy, but you will never really ever think of playing it as it doesn’t make that kind of impression. I know what I am talking about, I have boxes of those great albums that never gets played. This is one for such a box.