In Mourning
The Bleeding Veil

Label: Dalapop
Three similar bands: Agalloch/Opeth/Eternal Storm

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Sovereign
2. At The Behest Of Night
3. Solitude And Silence
4. Thornwalker
5. Blood In The Furrows
6. Lights On The Mire
7. Beyond Thunder

Tobias Netzell - guitars, vocals
Björn Pettersson - guitars, vocals
Tim Nedergård - guitars
Sebastian Svalland - bass
Joakim Strandberg Nilsson - drums

Senseless ‎(2002)
Shrouded Divine (2008)
Monolith (2010)
The Weight Of Oceans (2012)
Afterglow (2016)
Garden Of Storms (2019)


Recorded, mixed and mastered in sessions between may and august 2021
Drums recorded at Studio Gröndal
Guitars recorded at Valley Sound Studio
Mixing and mastering by Karl Daniel Lidén
Sound Engineering by Alexander Backlund, David Castillo and Tobbe Sillman
Drum tech and barista: Danne McKenzie
Cover art and layout by Caroline Strand
Photography by Jobba Andersson
Calligraphy by Kristiina Laine

Released 2021-11-26
Reviewed 2022-01-15


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Swedes In Mourning return with a new album, so they aren’t mourning about that anyway. It is the sixth album for this band, and they describe it as their darkest and most personal yet. It is said to be different from their earlier albums with landscapes of darkness and desperation, possibly a reflection on current times where personal freedoms are hampered and disease is raging through the populations. The band has also turned more to more local collaborations in the work and release of this new album, an album that doesn’t have the nicest cover art but I think the graphical material is fine overall anyway.

The style is of the melodic death metal kind, the extreme metal world with some gothic and doomy elements as well. Strong balance between the growled vocals and the clean singing, the sound is powerful and modern. The album is fairly gloomy, but the dynamics are strong and there is a lot of depth. It is a fresh sounding release that stands out from much of the stuff released in the extreme metal styles, much more interesting than almost everything death metal we get from that aspect. The variation is good over the seven tracks, and the playing time is very sensible – it is a nice, fresh and modern release.

The Bleeding Veil is a very good album, the songs are all of the great variety, and it stands up well to repeated playing through. If more death metal was feeling as fresh and exciting as this one it wouldn’t be so bad with all the death metal albums in the mail. It is always fun to hear something that sounds fresh, and In Mourning was certainly a very positive surprise. I hadn’t heard any of their previous works so this kind of arrived from nowhere, showing that no matter how dull and bleak the music world looks there are still gems to be found.

I recommend checking out this one, I have been giving it plenty of spins and I will probably keep playing it from time to time. It is one of the better death metal albums in quite a while, it kind of reminded me of hearing Eternal Storm a few years ago – there aren’t that many really appealing extreme metal albums released so it is worth cherishing those that are. So, I think that you should have a very close look at what In Mourning has to offer, there are good odds that you will like it.