Hit The Ground Runnin’
Lost In Translation

Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Starship/Yes/REO Speedwagon

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

1. Hallway Of Doors
2. Overnight Sensation
3. Bad Reputation
4. Simply Because
5. Second Chance
6. Wake You Up
7. Baby You
8. Win Or Lose
9. Rocking Again
10. Long And Lonely Time
11. Cry For The Children

Paul Piccari - Bass/Vocals
Blair Rumsey - Vocals
Jimmy Katone - Drums/Vocals
Alan Augunas - Guitar/Vocals
Rob Kay - Keyboards/Vocals

Sudden Impact (1989)
Control Yourself (2001)
HGR (2007)



Released 2022-06-17
Reviewed 2022-08-07

pride & joy music

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They released the debut in 1989 and have added two more albums since then, Lost in Translation is their fourth effort. I did check out their debut that was rereleased not too long ago but didn’t review it as I don’t have time to write about everything and reissues is less priority than new releases. This one is clearly better than the debut though. Many of the songs for this album was written for a debut album for Free Delivery, the name they called themselves before becoming Hit the Ground Runnin’ so there are songs written over a span of over three decades.

And you can hear that there are songs that aren’t recent, as the styles have changed slightly over the years. And they have a production that doesn’t sound new, I think it sounds a little dated. Starship is a band that is fairly similar if you want a comparison, and you cannot really say that they offer anything original here. But we get good variation over the eleven tracks, and the playing time is sensible at around 45 minutes. The singer is good, and suitable for this album, I would say that it is a very solid production.

It is a likeable album with good tracks, melodies, and energy. It is a bit nostalgic, something that I am not the biggest fan of, I prefer more modern and fresh sounding album – this doesn’t sound like a recent release, rather like a reissue of something old. It is good nonetheless, and if you like old-school melodic or AOR there is a high likelihood that you will like this album. It is one that will not disappoint many music fans, albeit it is also unlikely to be a big favourite for many.

Lost in Translation can be worth checking out, it is enjoyable to listen to, it is a solid release that shouldn’t scare anyone away. It doesn’t have the highest peaks, but none of the lowest lows either, and therefore I think that fans of the style, the similar bands or similar bands to them will find this album very agreeable. If you are one of those fans you should check out this album – it is a solid and nostalgic rock album.