Ghost In The Machine
Journey To The Otherwise

Label: Sliptrick Records
Three similar bands: Gravity Kills/Stabbing Westward/VAST

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Unstoppable (Bloody Cleats Mix)
02. Supernatural (Charmed Mix)
03. Muevete
04. Virus
05. Sunny Day
06. Color Of Desire
07. Indecision
08. Cuts Like A Knife
09. Lies (The Truth Mix)

C4 – Vocals/Programming/Guitars/Hair
Face – Bass/Programming/Vocals/Glares/Stares

Ghost in the Machine (EP 1998)
The Haunting Begins (1999)
The Repo Session (2005)
The One Within (2006)
Sharp Dressed Man (EP 2006)
Broken From Binary (2015)

Caela - vocals


Released 2022-01-11
Reviewed 2022-07-13


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They are going to otherwise, a strange place it might be seen – then again, they aren’t the most typical of band this American duo. They begin by being unstoppable, and had they continued like that they just might had been. They have been around since the nineties, I think this is their fifth album – it wasn’t the easiest to find a good reliable discography for them, as not even their own website listed releases with years. But time-consuming research aside, it is said that they describe their style as “rocktronica” pretty fitting description for a band combining the electronic dance style music with the rock music.

 I read in the promo mail that they are industrial metal/rock in the genre description, and that is what usually tend to be used when mixing the electronic and rock/metal. They are catchy, sometimes with RnB styled beats, some say that it sounds like it is from a movie. They are varied through the tracks, kind of more like they were trying for a collection of songs that each could be used in someone’s digital playlist rather than for a coherent album. That makes it a bit fragmented, like a collection of songs gathered from here or there rather than something coherently recorded to fit on a record – like a compilation almost. Good thing is that they keep it short with about 35 minutes playing time, albums you grow tired with before they end is never the right way.

They are so Unstoppable when the album begins, the opening track is magnificent and great – one of the best of the year in my view. Then they are less unstoppable as the album goes on tracks like Virus just don’t make much impression at all. I find that the album comes and goes for me, there are some highlights but also parts that are indifferent. It is a good collection of song for the most parts, some of them I can do without while others are outstanding. But all this up and down tends to even out and towards the end of the album I feel that I am back where I started before Unstoppable – at a rather neutral standpoint with a slight list towards the positive.

It is worth checking Unstoppable, but eventually I end up with an album that I will not play again as one track doesn’t do anything for me. Sure, I can keep it in the playlist like some other great tracks that are never played again. That is the thing, I like strong and complete albums, playlists of different bands never made sense to me, I get why some want it but it has never ever appealed to me as I find that nothing beats a well thought out album. And while these guys may appear unstoppable at first they end up making a less than stellar album.