Faceless Entity
The Great Anguish of Rapture

Label: Argento Records
Three similar bands: Black Cilice/Katharsis/Ultha

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Great Anguish of Rapture
2. Decaying Banners of Existence
3. The Enigma of Death
4. A Growing Void
5. Death, a Rot Beneath the Mask of Existence

R.v.R. - guitar, vocals
K.v.H. - bass, vocals
B.D. - drums

In Via Ad Nusquam (2017)



Released 2022-04-15
Reviewed 2022-05-14


argento records

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Entity without face, a trio from The Netherlands, a black metal trio. I look at the cover and is not intrigued or interested, I read about the anguish, the band contemplating things, beginning in 2014 and things like that in the press material that seems a lot better than the album itsef. With some bands it is their promotors that is the highlight, the press texts are way better than the album itself – like this one that has much more quality in the texts about the band than the album itself. The black cover looks quite bad, and the content is of about the same quality. So if you like the cover you probably like the album as well.

The style is dissonant black metal with sad and screamy vocals, overdistorted guitars and no sense of melody whatsoever. It is too tame to be brutal and it feels more like something you try in the rehearsal room rather than something you would put on record. It sounds a bit childish, and ridiculous, the drums are horrible, like dinging on metal buckets and things like that. I don’t see much in terms of highlights, it is a rather weak album on all accounts. Production is quite bad and the songs melt together into a greyish mass of uninteresting noises.

It is difficult to see who would be interested in this album, but there are probably some who thinks it is brutal, dark and exciting when it really just is bland and sad. I wonder if they were pranked by whoever mastered the album, or something like that as I find it difficult to believe that someone would release something sounding like this. Everything about this album is quite bad, the vocals, the guitars, the drums, it sounds flat, grey, and extremely boring – like a complete failure. Perhaps I am a bit harsh on them, but it is difficult to see that the trio actually were hoping for something more than a flat, grey and dull album.

They end up doing the same as so many other black metal bands, they make an album without dynamics, without hope, without life, just something that wants to be brutal and dark. But rather than brutality and darkness, boredom is the prevailing sensation after listening to Faceless Entity, one of the dullest album I have written about in a while. An album I would be embarrassed to play loud, it is that bad.