Dying Hydra
Of Lowly Origin

Label: Narshardaa Records
Three similar bands: Windhand/King Buffalo/Green Lung

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Earliest Root
2. Unlit
3. Rootborn
4. Species Adrift
5. Ashed Eyes
6. Undergrowth
7. Cry Of The Colossus

Tejs Kyhl - Drums
Lars Pontoppidan - Guitar & Vocals
Patrick Fragtrup - Guitar & Vocals

Dying Hydra (EP 2018)


Recorded and mixed in Sweet Silence Studios (DK) by Patrick Fragtrup of Wolf Rider Sound Production
Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege (US)
Cover art by MONTDOOM - Design & Illustration
Additional cover art design and layout by Lars Pontoppidan
Inner artwork and final layout for print by Diogo Soares - Soraes Artwork
Physical release by:
Virkelighedsfjern - VIR061
Heartland Records - HL005
MinoRobscuR - minoRobscuR_DYHY
Narshardaa Records - NAR085
Maniyax Records - MNYX37
Black Grain Records - BG01

Released 2021-11-05
Reviewed 2022-05-14

narshardaa records

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It comes of lowly origin, the three-headed hydra that has arisen from a sonic abyss of sludge and filth somewhere in Copenhagen. It set out to paralyze the hordes with immensely dirty soundscapes and with support of visuals that swallows reality itself. I guess it would be wise to stay away from a creature of such lowly origin, but the look is quite fascinating, it might make you want to explore further. That would however be unwise and you’d be cleverer to look at something else.

The Danish trio makes sludge or doom metal, slow, sludgy, droning music, a wall of distorted sound with poor vocals – the most memorable some spoken stuff in Danish. The tracks melt into a sludgy mass and you almost wish the Hydra would be dying a lot faster – before you completely loose the will to live. It seems like the album is very long, but in reality it isn’t. At it is an album that I keep deselecting, I take the iPod in the car before this CD, anything on the iPod almost. It is an album I stop listening to and select something else, rarely I play it through to the end. It bores me to tears, and it doesn’t feel interesting at all. The cover is a lot better than the content.

Few pieces of this album are interesting in any regard, I find myself feeling quite indifferent and not really paying attention when I play it. Mostly I change it to something more interesting, it can be whatever as long as it isn’t Dying Hydra. Not that it completely sucks or induce vomiting, it just feels indifferent to me – like it is without soul, without heart, without passion. It contains nothing of consequence and its existence feels meaningless.

Perhaps it is more appealing to the fan of the styles mentioned in this review, the doom and sludge fans – but I tend to like some of that music, but not this. The best thing about this album is that I am done with it and can put it away to never play it again; never a feeling indicating that I have been listening to a good album.