Second Life

Label: My Kingdom Music
Three similar bands: Rhapsody of Fire/Thy Majestie/Sound Storm

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. To Conquest
2. Of The Ghosts
3. OfPeace
4. Into The Mind
5. Hope
6. Fallen
7. Divine
8. The Rising
9. Silver
10. Life
11. Ending Legacy

Gae Amodio - bass
Flavio Cicconi - guitars
Alessandro Mancini - guitars, orchestrations
Giulio Cattivera - keyboards, backing vocals, orchestrations
Marco Berrettoni - drums
Mattia Fagiolo - vocals

2000 Age Of Glory
2001 The Blood Of The Dragon
2004 Time For Expiation
2013 The X Experiment
2017 Obscurity

Guitar solo on "Sickness Divine" by Edoardo Taddei
Guitar solo on "The Rising" by Marco Mastrobuono
Vocal growl on "Shattering Hope" by Andrea Pedruzzi
Choir by Alessio Cattivera, Giulio Cattivera, Mattia Fagiolo, Andrea Pedruzzi

Recorded in Kick Recording Studio with Marco Mastrobuono
Artwork by Luca Martinotti

Released 2022-11-04
Reviewed 2022-12-25


my kingdom music

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Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise what kind of music to expect from Dragonhammer, but if it is I congratulate them for missing out on the excess that has made this and many other genres quite meaningless. The cover of Second Life is quite dull, and the Italians face an uphill struggle just from how their new album looks. They started back in the early 2000s and has a handful albums to their name now, they are one of many bands that came in the wave that was started by the likes of Hammerfall in the late 1990s. The problem is that they are also one of the generic bands from that time, one of those that we can really do without, but what about their latest offering, is it perhaps worthwhile?

It is not very interesting from the musical standpoint; it sounds like the cover and name suggests. Italian style symphonic power metal, derivative of bands like Rhapsody. I don’t hear any particularly fresh or interesting ideas when I soldier on through this album, the singer is a typical power metal singer complete with the Italian accent. The classic elements are there, the surprises are not there. It is about as interesting as a visit to the dentist; you know what you are getting, it is not like they are going to hand you a million Euros or something just for the fun of it. And it is not even saved by the grandeur as that is too little and too lame. So, it is not that interesting, and it is long as well, too long.

It is easy to conclude that this album isn’t great or exciting, but it still takes time thanks to the endless playing time. They are not a nice band in that regard. But they aren’t bad, the songs are okay and everything. Their problem is the derivative sound, the lack of ideas, the sense of not doing anything really worthwhile. I have heard better bands and albums in the dragon metal genre, and that is the problem for so many musicians, that they are seemingly okay with making dreary generic albums – for what reason I cannot understand as you will not make much money or become particularly appreciated if you don’t stand out.

So, another generic dragon metal album, typical songs, typical sounds, if you like that I wouldn’t be surprised if you like this one. But personally I was bored after about a minute, and nothing ever changed that – so Dragonhammer goes into the thrash now, and hopefully I will find something to rescue 2022 from being another wasted year in terms of music.