Sound Storm

1. Immortalia
2. Back to Life
3. The Curse of the Moon
4. Blood of Maiden
5. Faraway
6. Promises
7. Call Me Devil
8. Seven Veils
9. Watching You Fading
10. Wrath of the Storm
11. The Portrait

Philippe D’Orange – Vocals
Valerio Sbriglione – Guitars
Federico Brignolo – Drums
Massimiliano Flak – Bass
Davide Cristofoli – Keyboards & Piano

Twilight Opera (2009)

Ilaria Lucille De Santis – Soprano

Produced by Ettore Rigotti
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Metal House Studio by Ettore Rigotti
Cover Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco

Released 28/8-2012
Reviewed 4/8-2012

scarlet records

What would I say a name like Sound Storm convey? Well, I do think it sounds maybe like a punk rock band or maybe an uncomplicated heavy metal band. It does not sound like anything complex that name, but it is another thing with how this album looks. The artwork suggests something more power metallish with maybe symphonic influences and the logo suggests this even more looking like countrymen of Rhapsody (of Fire) or Thy Majestie. The artwork is made by the same guy as Rhapsody or Blind Guardian so it may not be an erroneous guess to think that these Italians fall within the Symphonic Power Metal moniker. The album we have here is called Immortalia and it is the second album by Sound Storm following a debut that is supposed to have been well reviewed according to the label. Speaking of reviews, there was not many to be found on this one yet but then again it is not released yet so that might be one reason for this but one that I found gave it a full rating which according to the site’s rating scale would mean that this album was one of the reviewers all time favourites. I think a statement like that is a bit early to make when the album is not even released yet, the album was sent to me on the 24th of july so a week to realise that an album is an all time favourite, is that even possible?

But enough reviews now, the music is probably inspired by the one established by Rhapsody in the late nineties. It is symphonic power metal with an epic touch, and it opens with the genre-obligatory intro that is pompous and pointless. Then it leads into ten more tracks and all in all it becomes close to one hour of music. Music that is laden with double kicking drums, choirs, strings, symphonic undertones, a singer with an italian accent, all of the typical Italian symphonic power metal influences. If you have heard Rhapsody you have a rough idea of what to expect from this album. There are some differences though, like the fact that there are no obvious Tolkien inspired saga written by someone who really ought to stick to his guitar and the singer has a much less pronounced italian accent. Maybe we should call it a modernisation of what Rhapsody once made decently popular, another difference is that there isn’t a five hour “epic” song ending this album.

It is easy to compare these guys to said Rhapsody as they are quite well-known in metal circles and they are probably an inspiration to many of the epic symphonic bands of today and probably so to these guys as well. One thing that is important to bands like this is a good production so that the sound is excellent because if it isn’t the album will be flawed, on this album the production is excellent and I would actually say that Sound Storm is heavier than most of the similar bands I have heard. They do also have a good repertoire of songs on this album, it is all about the songs but it still gives a good epic feel to it. The singer is quite good as well and it is refreshing to hear a southern european singer who does not sing with an accent as thick as something very thick.

I would say that this is one of the most interesting Italian bands that I have ever heard, they also know to make symphonic metal without falling into the usual traps which makes Immortalia one of the best albums I have heard in the genre. For instance they have left out the elves and the trolls who run around by the tiny rivers where dragons come to drink the water that turns them purple, there are no mighty warriors with emerald swords who ride around on winged unicorns to slay the mighty living trees who plague the people in the ancient forests of elves. They have also left out the narrations done by someone who makes you want to vomit, in short they have left out all that is crap about Rhapsody’s music and kept what made it good but done it even better than Rhapsody generally makes. In short if you like symphonic power metal this is your thing, it is one of the best albums I have ever heard in the genre that is generally known as Symphonic Hollywood Metal.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Rhapsody Of Fire/Thy Majestie/Disarmonia Mundi
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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