Carpet Waves
Inner Weapons

Label: Waveland Records
Three similar bands:
Doves/Chameleons/Sonic Youth
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Biography
02. Narrow Dream Factory
03. Shadows
04. Aura
05. Void Wilderness

Benjamin Dörfer
Kai Entian
Tim Rummel
Javier Perez Vera

1165 / Particles (2018)
Darkness and Bright Thoughts (2021)


Recording and Mixing at Schall und Wahn Studios in Austria
Mastered by Storia Mastering
Creative concept and DoP of all visual material associated with this release by Timo Vogt
Cover design and booklet by Martin Pawlusiak

Released 2022-04-22
Reviewed 2022-07-02


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Carpet Waves brings out their Inner Weapons in a new EP; on that is described as asking some existential questions in polished Robert Smith meets Chameleons in 90s Sonic Youth Fashion. On five tracks they struggle with inner and exterior world, things like that, and the namedropping adds Slowdive and Ride to the fray when the promo-writer does his/her best to sell this five-track EP. I would have liked the quartet to have more transparent channels on the web so you can get a more complete biography and discography, things like that to add to the facts about the band for this review. I believe they have two EPs before this, but only one on their own bandcamp, and like so many other bands they don’t have an actual website just to idiotic social media sites that is only usable for morons and for keeping whoever is interested updated – but they suck as an information channel on the history of the band etc. Still, I have been listening to this EP quite a few times and it has its moments.

Opening Bigography sets a good tone, I think it fits in the post-punk style with some alternative rock elements and things like that. Soft hard rock perhaps if you want a more general view on it, I have never really understood all these subgenres. They are similar to the bands we have added as similar, and of course they should appeal to those who like bands similar to those among the three similar bands. There is nothing that feels different or original about Inner Weapons, the sound and songs are fairly familiar, the singer typical, the songs seem oddly familiar for songs never heard before. That is the opening song and the ending song as the three in the middle don’t make any impression at all on me, I forget to listen to them when I play them and as I write this review I realise that I don’t really know how these songs sound even though I have listen to the EP over a dozen times now – and I am listening to it while writing this review – they are that anonymous and indifferent.

The EP has two songs that are quite memorable, the ending one called Void Wilderness is great. The problem is the three tracks that just makes out the numbers, they are just dull. To me it seems as though they just wanted to release a CD rather than release a good CD, they are apparently capable of doing great songs, but half of this EP consists of meaningless drivel. So how to grade it? It is a little difficult, but I go for the middle as the good tracks neutralises the impression of the weak ones and beginning and ending with the best tracks also helps this impression. Check it out if you like the similar stuff mentioned in this review, but you will not miss much if decide to check something else instead. This EP has its great moments but overall it doesn’t add anything of higher value.