Arcade Dreams

Label: Layered Reality Productions
Three similar bands: Plini/Chimp Spanner/The Algorithm

Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Dobrovolsky City
2. Robots Cost Rent
3. For The Sake Of Smoothness
4. Wanton Mechanics

Andi Kravljaca - Guitars, Bass, Synths, Songwriting

Ocular (EP 2019)
Epipath (EP 2020)


Produced by Andi Kravljaca
Mastered by Rich Gray
Artwork by Daniel Ignacio

Released 2022-05-06
Reviewed 2022-03-13


layered reality

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It is dreams of the Arcade world when Swedish Andi Kravljaca comes up with his third EP under the Bioplan moniker, “a 4-way punch of synthwave driven nostalgia cranked up to 11 through a progressive metal filter.” The latter is what I read in the EPK and it all sounds very cool, and being on the Layered Reality Productions label is usually a sign of quality as they usually release great stuff. I figured that the artwork was cool, it was actually a reason that I got around to the review was that I was stuck on the cover when scrolling for the next album to start listening to for review. A cool name and cover are things that increase the chance of being reviewed in Hallowed, two things that Bioplan surely have. But what about the music?

What I quoted from the EPK earlier is actually quite fitting for this album, we get the bleeps and blops from the arcade, and we get the modern synthwave combined with progressive stylings. Arcade Dreams is familiar, yet fresh and original, a small EP that fulfils a lot of what you want every album to fulfil. It has originality, good sound, novelty, freshness, it is a great production. As it is an EP it is only 16 minutes long, something that can be leaving a listener wanting for more, but at least it is good for me as a reviewer as I get familiar with it quickly. I like what I am hearing, Bioplan presses both the nostalgic, and fresh buttons in a clever combination that is sure to take them towards the top of the high scores of 2022.

Arcade Dreams is such a great release, the first thing that came to mind was: wow, this is great! Unlike some instrumental albums I have heard this year this one has a progression from the start to the finish, like the story is going somewhere and somewhere interesting. The sound is great, and the songs are both fresh and great, you will be hard pressed to find negative aspects here. The four songs are all great, interesting, and with a novelty to them while still retaining that nostalgic sensation thanks to the nods towards the sound of the arcade and the chase for that illusive high score. It is almost that I go online to order my own arcade machine, but that is before I recall that I have no place to put such a thing, and it probably wouldn’t be used anyway, so it would be lots of money wasted. This one will not be lots of money wasted, the arcade quarters could be well invested if you get this one.

These Arcade Dreams come highly recommended, don’t miss!