American Jetset
Cat's Got Your Tongue

Label: Big Curve Music
Three similar bands: Jackyl/Kickin Valentina/D’Molls

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. 3AM Charm City
2. Bombs Away
3. Cat’s Got Your Tongue
4. Tokyo Radio
5. Falling Stars
6. Save Somebody Else
7. Unwanted
8. Everafter


Ian Kaine MacGregor - vocals, guitar
Skinz Skinsacos - lead guitar
Kevin Harrington - bass
Jeff Bradford - drums

Viatica (EP 2009)
Unholy Divination (EP 2010)
Pray for Damnation (EP 2012)
Unholy (EP 2013)
Gnosis: Never Follow the Light (2015)
St. Vitus Dance (EP 2018)
Nomenclature (2019)

Ben Karas – Violin
Jakejake Superchi – Vocals (“Seven Wandering Stars”)
Jorgen-Munkeby – Saxophone (“Ouroboros”)
Zach Strouse– Saxophone (“Prima Materia” & “Planes of Our Existence”)
Daryl Baker - Guitar Solo (“Prima Materia”)

Produced and Engineered by Tony Correlli
Mastered by Tony Correlli and Ian Kaine MacGregor
Recorded at Deep End Studio (Baltimore, MD)
All songs written by American Jetset except “Tokyo Radio” (American Jetset and Ravi Rao) and Everafter (American Jetset and Tony Correlli)
Creative Direction by Ian Kaine MacGregor
Sound Design by Ian Kaine MacGregor and Tony Correlli

Released 2022-05-05
Reviewed 2022-07-30


big curve music

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Jetsetters from the US, how about that? Something to dispose of in a jet engine or something else? Cat’s Got Your Tongue is the title of this new album that is anything but inexplicably quiet. I think the cover tries to have a cat scratch over it, a big cat in that case as those marks could not be mad by my cat, though he would most likely just destroy the whole thing it was presented to him. The band has been releasing stuff since 2009, it has been several EPs, and this is the third album that I have been praised a little here and there.

I think it is an album that is very much looking backwards, eighties melodic hardrock – you could name hundreds of similar bands if you like to. Think of the eighties melodic hard rock or sleaze and you know how this album sounds. I think the singer is rather good, he has a bit of a nasal voice, but it is cool for this kind of music. The sound is quite flat though, and that makes the album seem uneventful and lacking variation as well as depth. There are only seven tracks and an intro so that lack of variation might seem a bit less bothersome than it could be.

Not the most original or exciting album I have ever heard, neither is it even close to the best produced one. The sound is quite bad, not in a dated sort of way, but more just bad and flat, boring is probably a good word for it. Sure, you can listen to this album, it is inoffensive accessible songs, not easy to hate. But it is an album you will be bored with rather quickly as neither the songs, the creativity, or the sound is good enough to make anyone take notice. Of course, the latter is probably not fully correct as there are always people to like everything and I have seen this album favourably reviewed, but if anything is true in this world is that anything goes. I doubt it is an album that will be anything but boring to most people though.

The best thing about the album is the half-hour playing time that makes it quicker to review than most, with such short playing time it is a quick go to play though it and easier to do even if I don’t like it that much. It feels good to erase this album now, it is more or less forgotten, and the focus is on other albums – some of which are most likely better. Playing this album five-six times is more than enough to have the mind yell no when I look at the cover, American Jetset needs to improve many things if they want to avoid being thrown into a jet engine.