Kickin Valentina
The Revenge of Rock

Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: UFO/Skid Row/Sebastian Bach

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Freak Show
2. Somebody New
3. Rat Race
4. Strange
5. Looking For Me
6. War
7. Heart Tattoo
8. End Of The Road
9. The Revenge Of Rock

D.K. Revelle - vocals
Heber Pampillon - guitar
Chris Taylor - bass
Jimmy Berdine - drums

Kickin Valentina (EP 2013)
Super Atomic (2015)
Imaginary Creatures (2017)
Chaos In Copenhagen (EP 2019)


Produced by Andy Reilly at Muse Productions in Atlanta
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in CA

Released 2021-01-22
Reviewed 2021-01-23

mighty music

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Revenge of Rock, usually when something like that is said it means a recurrence of something that has gone out of fashion or just vanished out of the interest of people. Nostalgic rock hasn’t really done that, there are always old guys dreaming of better days – like this band. They have been confusingly successful with some award and their music being used for sporting events and they have done shows on big festivals and stuff. This new album seems to have gotten mostly very positive reviews likes eights of ten and stuff, but at least there is a German metal publication of pretty high standard that has given the same rating as us, so this time I am not alone in thinking one more of these albums is an irrelevant thing.

Musically you can consider it like a blast from the past, standard rock or hard rock, the kind that was rebellious some forty years ago and since then has been copied countless times by bands like Bonafide, Bullet and countless others. They have that typical uncharismatic rock singer, not much variation and music that offers no surprises. Generic hard rock is what I would describe this album as, there is no sense of novelty here and a prevailing sense of déjà vu comes quickly when playing this album. I am quite bored already from the first moment I heard this album.

They offer an array of decent rock songs, that will probably go down well with rockers dreaming of those good old days. Some reviewers like it. I find it to be quite boring, and none of the songs make much of an impact. There are better nostalgic rock bands if that kind of music is your thing, this album feels both uninteresting and irrelevant. Once again, I wonder why bands can be satisfied with making poor copies of stuff that once made an impact, you will never be interesting or memorable that way – you can be good, but you will never make a real impact. Kickin Valentina is not even that good.

I would say that this album is decent in some ways, but as a critic it is really hard to see the why of it. It is such a meaningless release; it is just something that makes up the numbers of average generic releases that makes it more difficult to find the really good albums. There are just so many albums that are better than this one, so why would you get it? There is no good answer to that question.