Alpha Boötis
Science-Fiction Doubel Feature

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Docker's Guild/Bee Gees/Moonlight Desires

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Jump to Alpha Boötis
02. Ecumenopolis
03. Wormhole Gas Bar
04. Serpens Nebula
05. Circling the Belt of Orion (feat. Alattia)
06. Another World (Gojira cover)
07. Science Fiction Double Feature
08. Stowaway Ants
09. Plasmic Wastes of Alkalurops
10. Every Breath You Take

Frak - composition
Harakoa - vocals, keyboards, lyrics
Jotunbot - drums, programming
Krogorlon - saxophone
Ozymandias - guitars, vocals, sound design, composition
Votson - bass

Episode I (2021)
Space Vikings & Other Stories (2019)
Codex Boötis MMXX (2020)
Stowaway Ants (EP 2020)

Jump to Alpha Boötis (EP 2021)


All tracks produced by Ozymandias
Tracks 1-7 mixed by David Fuller at Fuller Studios and mastered by Brandon Allhouse at Steel House Studios
Tracks 8-10 mixed by Ozymandias and mastered by David Fuller at Fuller Studios
Drums on tracks 1-3 recorded with Antonin Paquette
Saxophone on tracks 1, 2, 3, and 5 recorded with Adrien Agard
Track 10 recorded with Stéphane Grimm at Studio No Name
Artwork by Velocipasta and Alexandre Gauthier
Logo by Dave Petersen
Story by Harakoa, Ozymandias, and The Scenarist

Released 2021-12-10
Reviewed 2022-01-06


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We are returning to Alpha Boötis and their adventures in space, this time it is an album put together from the two EPs they released in 2020 and 2021; Stowaway Ants and Jump to Alpha Boötis. We reviewed the latter not too long ago, we reviewed it favourably. This new album has the same cover, but the text is a bit different, and we get what we got on the EP, and from the EP before it. There is an additional track as well, so even if you already go both EPs there is some additional material.

In terms of style, it is the same kind of disco pop metal that we heard on the EP before this one, and the album has strong coherence despite having material from two different releases. The production is good, strong sound with good variation and depth. The playing time of 43 minutes is sensible, I think the album feels rather short, but that is a good thing as you are left wanting more. It is a fresh sounding album that should appease the more adventurous metalhead.

It ends with a cover, the weakest track on the album that gives a weaker ending but the whole is very strong. The tracks are good throughout, perhaps it is best when the vocals are silent and the instruments do the talking – those songs are the ones I like the best. Still, I wouldn’t say that there are any weaknesses on this album, it is very appealing and should be desirable for anyone into modern heavy rock/metal music.

A good companion on the space adventure where you can live through the fate of both ants and space travellers lost in the future. I recommend checking this one out, it is a really enjoyable album with great tracks and appealing storyline. The reservation I have is that it would be no point getting this one if you have the EPs already, there is not enough added to motivate that. And I probably wouldn’t buy it if I already had Jump to Alpha Boötis either as the addition from that might make it longer and better, but not enough to pay for I already had paid for Jump to Alpha Boötis. With all that written my conclusion is that this Science-Fiction Double Feature is a great album, that might be all you need to know.