Absolute Darkness
Failure of State

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Amon Amarth/Testament/Cannibal Corpse

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Rounded Up
2. Mob Rule
3. Sanity Is Gone
4. My Forever Rule
5. Failure of State
6. My Assassination
7. The Republic
8. Unite!
9. Chaos Unleashed
10. Mad King
11. On My Way to Death

Ron Dorn - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Douglas Vetter II - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals
Orson Sojo - Bass
Emad Dajani - Drums

Future Imperfect (2017)
Disaster Awaits (2018)

Bill Raanes - drums
Lorelei- backup vocals on Mob Rule

Record at Absolute Darkness studios in Pleasant Hill, Ca
Mixed and mastered by William Blackmon
Add. Song writing by former members Kevin Meaney and Lorelei Valentine

Released 2022-08-27
Reviewed 2022-11-07


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Absolute Darkness seems to be the state of the world today, at least now when the winter comes that makes it all dark around us here in the north of the world. It is also easy to look at the darker side in a world of wars, dictators, democracies where freedom is decreased, crazy conspiracies, and a lot of other mad things. This is much of the themes of the band Absolute Darkness when they give us their third effort. An album that looks a bit like thrash, and like something rather rebellious.

It is thrashy, heavy thrash sometimes with more of a death metal style to it. Aggressive vocals and angry riffs, quite powerful, and a modern sound with plenty of oomph. On the creative aspect there is less to be fascinated about, we have heard this before, the ideas are not novel, and I would also claim that there isn’t much of a personality in the music we are offered here – the punkish semi-political themes don’t translate into a fresh and passionate album with a soul, and I find that unfortunate.

Not that Failure of State is a poor album in terms of it being immediately crap when listen, it is not just like. It is just that we have heard what Absolute Darkness have on offer before, lots of times; and at some point the scene become saturated and there is no need for anything else. When listening to this album I have to wonder if that time is now, as this album offers nothing that feels exciting. And no matter how good it is, it is impossible to shake this sense that I have heard it before – it is déjà vu, once again.

If you like the thrash metal genre it is not impossible that you will find this album agreeable as well, it is well-made and powerful, the songs are decent, I don’t think this is a monumental failure in any way, it is just not a very exciting album. It is another one of those rather bland effort that I know almost from the instance I start playing it, it doesn’t offer me anything that I feel interested in, or excited about, it is just another one of those albums. I would save my money and time for something more exciting if I was you.