Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Harakiri For the Sky/Falls of Rauros/Darkend

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. New Work Order
2. Überwachungskapital
3. Stillgestanden
4. Wer Bewacht Die Wächter
5. Kosmische Pessimisten
6. Zwischen Nichts Und Wenig
7. Strukturelle Probleme
8. Merke Dir
9. Schwarzlichtviertel
10. Terror Management Theory
11. Cis Scum Must Die
12. Insomnia
13. Stumpf
14. Blass
15. Democracy Is For The Weak
16. Die Klöckner im Néstle-Darm
17. Das Große Fressen
18. Triebtäter
19. Profit Loss Ratio
20. Technische Ratten
21. Lungenbrand
22. Junkfood
23. Knochenmehl
24. 420247

Fur - Vocals, Guitar
Flakman - Bass
Win - Drums

Wintersturm (EP 2013)
Trümmer (EP 2015)
Gram (EP 2016)
Konvergenz (2017)
Drangsal (2019)


Recorded, mixed and mastered in studio 357
Mix & Master: Fur
Artwork: Win

Released 2021-03-26
Reviewed 2021-04-07


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I am not sure that Zeit and I fully agree on what is an album and an EP, 24 tracks and half an hour of music is an album to me. It has a pretty concrete artwork, and this new release is called Betonkrebs. They actually wanted me to write about their new released, even though I haven’t been too positive about the previous two releases I have reviewed. But it might actually be something up my alley as it is about the endless stupidity of mankind, and it is sung in the most hateful language of them all, German.

It is a fast paced, aggressive, powerful album that probably fits the punk or grind type of description, it is somewhat different compared with the previous albums I have reviewed by Zeit. The sound is fairly fresh and modern, more exciting than much of what we usually hear in the grindcore style. The voice is aggressive and screamy, growly, with power and passion, I like it better than the previous works I have heard by Zeit. They keep the tracks short and focused, 24 tracks in just 30 minutes, that is an average of less than one and a half minute, but they say a lot in that time.

Surprisingly good, that is what I thought after playing this once, and that feeling has been growing over time when playing this album. And I think that it is good, not just because it is better than I suspected it is good because it is a strong album. I think it will work not just for the fans of the grindcore genre, but also in a wider perspective as it is an interesting and fun release with lots of emotion and aggression. I like it.

Most of the 24 tracks are good, none of them is really weak, but none is outstanding either, it is a solid effort. If you are a fan of the style mentioned it should be an album that should appeal to you, but not just for those fans as I think it should work for a fairly wide variety of fans. It is a nice outlet for those who need to vent their frustration over the state of things in the world today, the endless stupidities of man get addressed in the most evil way – and that is pretty entertaining, so why not have a look at what this one has to offer?