Intoxicating Lethargy

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Jess And The Ancient Ones/Candlemass/Messa

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Silver Tongue
2. Crimson Tide
3. Intoxicating Lethargy
4. Traveler
5. Home Invasion

Justin Hill – Bass
Patrick Cotter – Drums
Daniel Brown – Guitars
Nate Stokes – Guitars
Reign – Vocals



Recorded by Brad Womack
Mixed by Brad Womack and Nate Stokes
Mastered by Jamie King
Cover Art - Dr(o)))ned Artworks
Interior Album Art - Michael Mikra
Band Logo/Album Layout - Landmind Designs

Released 2021-03-12
Reviewed 2021-04-17


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That is one hell of a name, and by that I do not mean that it is an impressive name, just a silly one. The fact is that American WitchTit looks pretty bad if you judge by their graphics and their name, the cover is ugly, the logo is poor, and the band name is just bad. Still, you can never judge a book by the cover, most of the time the look tells you what to expect but not always as there are some exceptions that are way better than it looks. So, what about these debuting Americans, they have a split with another band before this album, but since then they have enlisted a female vocalist to make them more interesting.

Female fronted doom metal, that isn’t the most common thing we hear. I think using female vocals sets this band somewhat apart and makes Intoxicating Lethargy an interesting album. The music itself is slow and heavy, doomish that brings to mind the likes of Candlemass or Paradise Lost but with a fresher style thanks to the vocals. The variation over the five tracks is pretty decent, and little over a half hour playing time makes it difficult to imagine that anyone thinks it is too long. The sound is a bit dramatic; you could argue about the cheaper sounding production, but I think they get away well with that.

Impressive debut album with no obvious weaknesses, the tracks are really good all the way through even though that standout track might be missing. You can also argue about the production, but all the arguments aside it is a strong and impressive album with strong and impressive music. Dynamics that stands out, vocals that sets them apart from the masses, there are many positive things to say about WitchTit and their debut album, maybe it also promises very much for the band’s future.

An album that is worth checking out, it is great and shows a band at their best behaviour and I really have enjoyed listening to this album. They may have a stupid name, and they may not have the best taste in graphics, but they can certainly make some wonderful music and that is what really counts.