Dance of the Undesirables

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Dirge/Soothsayer/Ahab

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Jesus Take the Needle
2. Expectations Management
3. Dance of the Undesirables
4. Blast Equalizer
5. Sexual Sadist Serial Slasher

Manny Watts - Guitars
Omar Olivares II - Vocals
Mitchell Bussone - Bass
Kyle Hammer - Drums

Years of Exile (EP 2016)


Engineered and mixed by Ryan Wasoba
Mastering done by John Douglass
Album art by Jason Spencer

Released 2021-08-27
Reviewed 2021-11-13


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Voidgazer could be me gazing over the world of music today, the mails I receive with records are becoming increasingly dreary and sad examples of the lack of individuality and creativity among mankind. A reflection of our world today, stupid, sad, boring, with humans that disprove the theory of intelligent life in the universe every day. This five-track album is a dance for the undesirable, and judging by the cover it is probably a fairly undesirable album.

The US quartet takes heavy metal elements and then adds the growly vocals to them, according to one reviewer I read it was jaw-droppingly good or something. Thing is though that that combination isn’t exactly original and doesn’t make for anything but elevator music with growly vocals. The amazing boredom of this album cannot be understated, a lame and unexciting adventure into the void of mediocre music. Kind of a typical album of today, I read that “they intend to live fast and leave a bloated haggard corpse” and can’t help thinking that I hope they have already turned into that corpse.

Sometimes I give up hope of ever hearing novelty through music again, I hate repetition, and I hate new albums that offer nothing. They can be amazingly well performed with the finest songs, but it is boring if I have heard several albums like it already. And that is exactly what I think of this one, not that it is good, but that this has been done already and no repeat is desired. It is in fact something very undesirable, it feels like something that should have been abandoned at the idea stage rather than going all the way to a finished product. Good thing then that it seems to be released only in digital format, at least that keeps the waste of resources lower.

You know, I often think of a few lines of lyrics from the Blaze Bayley song Reach for the Horizon when listening to albums to review (and it was at least ten years since I last played the song, so the quote might be worded slightly wrong): “Doomed to be mediocre or nothing at all. Doomed a part of the background as plain as the wall.” That is what this and so many albums released nowadays are, mediocre, I will never remember any text lines from this album as it is undesirable and doomed to be mediocre.