Label: Dark Essence Records
Three similar bands: Respire/Portrayal of Guilt/Sharptooth

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Mot Dag
2. Beerenberg
3. Meldrøye
4. Null
5. Ormegard
6. Ned
7. Øst for Sol


Torjus Slettsnok - vocals
Simon Skøien - guitars
Karl Johan Johannessen - drums
Pål Eirik Veseth - bass

Lords of Hellfire (EP 2011)



Released 2021-02-12
Reviewed 2021-02-13

dark essence

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A band that has selected the name of the last known brothel in Bergen, can such a band really be something worthwhile? They formed a decade or so ago and released an EP in 2011 then called it a day for a while but now they come around with a debut album called Null. It is an album that hasn’t been given the greatest of artworks, but it might be better than it looks, or is it?

It is black metal infused with some punk, classic rock, and some of the hardcore roots the band started out with back in those days long ago. It is perhaps less aggressive than much of the stuff of the extreme metal stuff, it is fun with bands that tries to do something different to convention – sometimes it is interesting, other times it might be less so and I lean to the latter in this case. It feels like a pretty static album that doesn’t quite come to life and instead feels a tad on the long side.

Not really an impressive album, pretty far from it. I find it difficult to find many arguments for it and far easier to find the arguments against. With the main perhaps being that it is an album that lacks the drama and excitement that a good album should have. I don’t really find much appeal when listening through this release and the lack of reviews I find on a web search leads me to think that I am not the only one seeing this album that way.

Perhaps it could be interesting if you prefer the black metal genre, but don’t count on being blown away by something amazing. I wouldn’t call it an album to bother with, it is just too dull and uninteresting. So, at the moment the answer is no.