The Skull

Label: Hammerheart Records
Three similar bands: Black Sabbath/Cathedral/Kyuss

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Pray For The Dead
2. Fear No Evil
3. The Wish
4. Truth Is - What Is
5. Wickedness Of Man
6. Gideon
7. The Skull

Eric Wagner – vocals
Bruce Franklin – guitars
Rick Wartell – guitars
Sean McAllister – bass
Jeff Olson – drums

Psalm 9 (1984)
The Skull (1985)
Run to the Light (1987)
Trouble (1990)
Manic Frustration (1992)
Plastic Green Head (1995)
Simple Mind Condition (2007)
The Distortion Field (2013)


Recorded at Preferred Studios (Woodland Hills, Los Angeles) and Track Record (Los Angeles)
Bill Metoyer – producer, engineer
Eddie Schreyer – mastering at Capitol Records, Hollywood
Brian Slagel – executive producer

Released 2021-02-12
Reviewed 2021-07-13

hammerheart records

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It is lots of Trouble for Hallowed Nowadays, the band Trouble that is. Hammerheart is reissuing four of their albums and we have taken a look at those albums and enjoyed some of them while other have been a bit unimpressive. This album called The Skull is the band’s second, it follows the year after the debut at has a shorter track list, nicer cover, and is better overall.

The tracks are dominated by an eleven-minute-long track, and the variation is a bit less than some of their other albums, it is a doom metal album with power and good atmosphere. Good production and good vocals, this is a more mature and interesting album compared with the debut. Compared with the debut it is a less varied album, less dynamic, but without the same difference in quality between the highs and the lows – a more well-rounded album.

This is a good album, far better than the debut, but I am missing something like a distinct hit song, or perhaps a bit of dynamics. I think you could call it a solid effort without standout material, it works and it is fairly enjoyable without really standing out that much. Still, this is another work that precedes legends like Candlemass in the same type of style, and that shows for something. It should be an album that appeals to the genre fans, and probably also to music fans in general as it is a strong effort.

It is not the best album by Trouble but it is one that works really fine, enjoyable to listen to and it kind of shows what we can expect at later date when their self-titled album comes as well as the one following it. This band started a bit cautiously but then find its way into making excellent music.