Twitch of the Death Nerve
Beset By False Prophets

Label: Comatose Music
Three similar bands: Liturgy/Decrepit Birth/Disgorge

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Wages Of Faith
2. Facadism
3. At The Trial Of The Exhumed Pope
4. Confounded By Apophenia
5. Intro (Live)
6. The Locard Principle (Live)
7. A Resting Place For The Wrathful (Live)
8. Ochlocratic Prostration (Live)
9. Apotropaic Scarification ( Live)
10. Of Rutting Beasts And Drifting Herds (Live)
11. This Sickening Frailty (Live)
12. Witness To Ruination (Live)
13. A Hundred And Twenty Days In Sodom (Live)
14. Promulgation Of Infected Innards (Live)

Tom Bradfield - Guitars/Vocals
Tom Carter - Bass
Mauro Hammerition - Drums

A New Code of Morality. (2014)
A Resting Place for the Wrathful (2020)



Released 2021-03-12
Reviewed 2021-07-14

comatose music

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A band that has taken the name from a movie, a death metal band with two albums done, a band that is now releasing a 47-minute EP spiced up with ten live tracks in addition to the four tracks that would make the EP. The cover of the EP is interesting, other than that there isn’t too much to add when it comes to this trio who takes brutality seriously.

Brutal death metal is what this album has to offer, four studio tracks and ten live recordings. The studio tracks show a modern and powerful production. The vocalist is guttural and aggressive, as is the brutality in the music, very archetypical brutal death metal to be honest. The variation isn’t that huge and the 47-minute playing time feels a bit on the longer side, when the live tracks goes on it is almost like the album never ends.

The four tracks that are the EP are good enough, but the live tracks are dreary at best. It is hard to see the point of adding those live tracks, they don’t add value to the experience of listening. So I cannot really say that it is a very exciting album, in fact it is one that doesn’t do much for me. You will probably look at it differently if you are a fan of the brutal death metal style of music, but otherwise it is probably wiser to look elsewhere for musical thrills.

I think that this album should be fine if you prefer the brutal death metal kind of music, I would have been finer with it if it was without the dreary live additions that doesn’t really bring much value and make the 47 minutes seem almost infinite. There are better choices to select from.