All the Right Noises

Label: BMG
Three similar bands: Whitesnake/Aerosmith/Poison

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Last One Out Turn Off The Lights
2. Destruction
3. The Smoking Gun
4. Going To Sin City
5. Don't Forget To Live Before You Die
6. I'll Be The One
7. Young Man
8. You're Gonna Be My Girl
9. St. George's Day
10. Force Of Nature
11. She's A Millionairess

Danny Bowes - vocals
Luke Morley - guitar
Ben Matthews -guitar & keys
Chris Childs – bass
Gary ’Harry’ James – drums

Backstreet Symphony (1990)
Laughing on Judgement Day (1992)
Behind Closed Doors (1995)
The Thrill of It All (1996)
Giving the Game Away (1999)
Shooting at the Sun (2003)
The Magnificent Seventh! (2005)
Robert Johnson's Tombstone (2006)
Bang! (2008)
Wonder Days (2015)
Rip It Up (2017)
Please Remain Seated (2019)


Cover photo by Jason Joyce

Released 2021-03-12
Reviewed 2021-03-13


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Thunder gives us the right noises when they bring us their newest effort called All the Right Noises, and it looks like the creation on the cover could give some pretty good noises. I like the cover, and sources tell me that it was pretty cold when the photograph was taken. Thunder should have pretty good chances of creating the right noises considering the vast experience they have now with the debut album being released in 1990, so it is thirty years of experience – that is quite a lot. The album itself should have been released in the autumn of 2020 but was postponed due to the Covid-situation that is still plaguing the world, the album was recorded before that situation – so it has been quite a wait for this album, and it was probably worth it.

In a way they are continuing a rock tradition set by themselves and other, classic heavy rock but with a strong fresh sound. In Danny they have a pretty classic rock singer with character and power, a strong voice – and speaking of voices, there are some female backers that add good character to the songs where they appear. It is an excellent production, and the album is quite varied, I think a lot more varied than much of the similar music – also better produced. The playing time is sensible with 49 minutes, and it feels a bit shorter thanks to the variation and dynamics the album offers, from energetic and heavy songs to more held back, a good balance.

All the Right Noises press all the right buttons and it really works with its strong songs, melodies and classic rock feel. They make it seem so simple, yet there is so much depth. Not very original, but still fresh, it should be something to turn on the fans and probably gain them some new fans. It is probably their best album so far, a comparison that is to be taken a little lightly considering that I haven’t listened to any of their previous albums as much as this one, and that could make the comparison slightly skewed – still, this album is more inviting than any of the previous that I have listened to. I really enjoy listening to this one, and I don’t think that it has any weaknesses. Perhaps it is missing that really extraordinary song, but it has plenty of great noises to make up for that.

To still be relevant after thirty years is no easy task but Thunder does it by retaining a core sound and spirit while still finding slightly new approaches to keep their stuff fresh. And this album has great tracks from the opening Last One Out Turn Off the Lights to the ending She’s a Millionairess, it is an album that can be played and enjoyed many times. I think that Thunder gives us a real highlight here, and it could be well worth your time considering how it gives us all the right noises.