Liberaci Dal Male

Label: Xtreem Music
Three similar bands: Evulse/Fluids/Mortician

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Cannibalismo Sanguinario
2. Arte Funeraria
3. Il Lamento dei Malati
4. Seppellendo i Morti
5. Nel Terrore
6. All'interno del Cimitero

Il Becchino - Guitars & Vocals
Il Beccamorto - Bass & Drum programming




Released 2021-02-23
Reviewed 2021-05-29

xtreem music

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“Horror Glorifying Death Metal from Fulci's Land. Inspired and influenced by italian horror cult movies from the 70/80s.” Is that why their name appears inspired by a movie by Dario Argento? Tenebre, I have that movie, several issues actually, and they are all better than this album – a lot better. While they may be inspired by the Italian cult horror, they certainly haven’t taken inspiration from those movies when fixing the band photo – the cover is pretty poor as well. But at least you are horrified by it, that’s always something.

Simple, straightforward, standard death metal, the brutal kind that we have heard loads and loads of times before. Originality was probably never on the mind of the creators of this album. The inspiration was a chainsaw or a jackhammer, at least they have song titles in Italian – you can’t really make out what they are singing, or gutturally grunting, so the language probably doesn’t mean much. At least the playing time is pretty sensible, and that is a good thing when an album sounds like a construction site or a chainsaw massacre.

But shortness is probably the only good thing about it, the songs are lame and the whole album dull. I don’t think Tenebro offers anything that I can really like, and who can like an album that sucks? Those into the brutal death metal stuff perhaps, it is probably a decent album for that genre, problem is that the genre itself usually offer only crap. And there are way Italian bands within that genre like Carnivorous Vagina or Fulci, these guys are lot less interesting. I don’t really think Tenebro is good, at least not this release.

If you like the simple, the brutal, the meaningless, that sort of thing, if you like that it could be an album that would be interesting for you. I doubt that Tenebro and Liberaci Dal Male will make any kind of mark, it invites the question why; why release such meaningless drivel? Another few hours of my life wasted, not that my hours are well spent anyway but they would have been better without spending them listening to this kind of music. I guess this is okay for what it is, but it is totally pointless and drab, it would be better to buy something else or save the money.