There is no time to run away from here

Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: Automatism/Nazca Space Fox/Karakorum

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. there is
2. no time
3. to run
4. away
5. from here

Jakob Diehl - Piano/Rhodes
Sven Pollkötter - Drums
Boris Nicolai - Guitar
Manuel Viehmann - Flugelhorn

Consider it a work of art (2018)


Recorded at Studio Garage
Produced - Taumel
Mix/ Master - Taumel

Released 2020-12-04
Reviewed 2021-03-16


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Sven and Jakob make up Taumel, and they have some other guys helping out with some instruments. They claim that there is no time to run away from here, that is just too bad, I would have loved to run away but not to the tones of this album. It is the debut release by Taumel, the cover looks pretty interesting and I like how they use the song titles to relate to the title of the album. That is all well and good, but is it an album to check out?

Dark jazz or doom jazz is how it is described, instrumental and jazzy, and dark. That is what it is. Musically pretty diverse, piano, flugelhorn, drums, and guitar is what they build their songs around. It is pretty original. It is also a fairly slow album, it isn’t the paciest release I have ever listened to, and I wouldn’t claim that it is the most varied album either and it is only five tracks.

I was listening to this album in the car, but every trip I had to plug in the iPod in the car stereo and listen to something pacier as I was falling asleep when listening to this one. It is dangerous as car music. And I don’t think it is that brilliant either, let’s just say that I have heard better. It would have been great with more dynamic, and dramatic songs – this album feels like it is mostly atmosphere and very little substance, and I like substance in music.

Perhaps if you like that jazzy stuff, but I am not so sure. I like the idea of doom jazz, but if this is doom jazz I don’t like the concept itself – it is better in theory. This isn’t an exciting, or great album despite the fresh ideas, it just requires attention that I don’t really want to give it. So, perhaps it is better to run away from this before time runs out. No!