T-Rex Marathon
Days Without Incident

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Silverstein/Billy Talent/Alexisonfire

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Ratings: Daniel Källmalm
1. All For Nothing
2. No Words
3. Faux News
4. A Prison Just For Us
5. Turnpike
6. Pick Your Poison
7. Misfits
8. Sheltered
9. Futures and Goodbyes
10. 5 Centimeters Per Second

Aaron Stafford – Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals
Adam Sakauye – Lead Vocals
Alex Hodges – Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals
Darien Swolfs – Drums/Percussion
Jeremy Toppings – Bass/Vocals

Eponymous (EP 2016)
Aurelia (EP 2017)


Produced by: T-Rex Marathon and Mike Bond
Mixed by: Mike Bond
Mastered by: Mike Bond
Album Artwork by: Jeremy Toppings

Released 2020-10-16
Reviewed 2021-03-10


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That has to be a heavy marathon, imagine that. If that doesn’t make you think, you are most likely a moron. Days Without Incident is what we are checking here, I can’t imagine that there aren’t too many of those days for the ones that arrange that kind of marathon. This incident is the debut album of the Ottawa quintet that have release two EPs before this album, and they have given this debut a pretty cool artwork.

Rock music of the alternative kind, of the punk kind and post-hardcore kind, that is how they are often described, and I would say that it is rightly so. It is punkish, energetic with hardcore elements as well as touches of the alternative rock style. The have quite versatile vocals on this album and good variation as well as energy through the vocal performances. The album itself is pretty varied and dynamic, decent depth as well. I would say that it is quite a mature debut album that boasts a good production.

Entertaining in a way, but not amazing or fantastic. It isn’t the most original album I have heard, but it is a good production, and it is quite appealing albeit not the most memorable album I have heard. I think the simplicity and the energy is really appealing but perhaps it should be more aggressive, like indicated in the opening of the album. Perhaps they should have thought a little bit outside the box, they should have dared more as I think that this album is a little bit careful and they should have risked a little bit more. But that might be down to it being the first album, and they could possibly be braver on future releases.

X in the name, that has to be as exciting as running T-Rexes, how about that? I think fans of the punkier heavy rock should have a look at this album, it is probably appealing to you if you are one of those fans. There are no weaknesses on this album, but there are no outstanding stuff to really lift it. I think it is a pretty entertaining album, and it has a funny title, with an X. It may not be as heavy as the band name suggests, but I think it could be pretty worthwhile to check it out.