Steve Lukather
I Found the Sun Again

Label: The Players Club/Mascot Label Group
Three similar bands: Toto/Williams Friestedt/Joseph Williams

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Along For The Ride
2. Serpent Soul
3. The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
4. Journey Through
5. Welcome To The Club
6. I Found The Sun Again
7. Run To Me
8. Bridge Of Sighs

Steve Lukather - Guitar
Gregg Bissonette - Drums
David Paich - Piano
Joseph Williams - Vocals

Lukather (1989)
Candyman (1994)
Luke (1997)
No Substitutions: Live in Osaka (2001)
Santamental (2003)
Ever Changing Times (2008)
All's Well That Ends Well (2010)
Transition (2013)


Artwork – Roy Koch
Lacquer Cut By – LvC*
Photography By – Alex Solca
Producer – Ken Freeman, Steve Lukather

Released 2021-02-26
Reviewed 2021-03-19


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Isn’t it great that Steve has found the sun again, the warmth and everything is something we all want to feel. It would be great to find the sun, perhaps now that the days are longer it may be possible. It is quite obvious that this album is related to Toto college Joseph Williams’ album Denizen Tenant, they have the same style of cover, and they have both performed on each other’s albums – and they both have the face of an old man on the cover. None of them look great.

These two mentioned albums sound pretty similar as well, for a guitar player’s solo album this is a pretty safe album. There are seven tracks and 51 minutes, so you see that some of the tracks are long, you also hear Joesph Williams’ vocals on it. But it isn’t a particularly original album, and the feeling is that it isn’t a very varied album – there is certainly nothing ground-breaking about it. And none of the performances feel particularly impressive – a pretty lame album.

I think you need to dare more if you want to make good stuff, Lukather certainly has both skills and pedigree to do that, he is successful enough to risk failure without really risking anything to his reputation. Failures are also probably less negative to one’s legacy that albums like this, a failure shows that you have tried something – what does an album that makes no impression whatsoever show? You play safe with your money, not with art. I didn’t listen to the album when I collected info and was surprised that Williams was on the album, I couldn’t recall him, and neither did I realise that several of the songs were long. This album just passes by and then it is forgotten, in through one ear and out through the other ear – nothing retained from that passage.

I think Steve fails, just like Williams, this pair of albums released together are both pointless and you probably do better without them. It is more entertaining to put the money in a savings account than spending them on this and Williams’ twin to this. Steve may have found the sun again, but this album doesn’t convey that sensation and I recommend that you don’t waste your hard-earned cash on something like it. In the end I am left thinking, that it wasn’t too bad, but how can such a prominent guy create something as anonymous as this album?