By the Grace of Rock'n'Roll

Label: Melodic Passion Records/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Kiss/Whitesnake/Def Leppard

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Shining Star
02. By the Grace of Rock'n'Roll
03. Kairi
04. Black Thunder White Lightning
05. Kisses of an Enemy
06. Pleasuredome
07. Spaceplane
08. People's Parade
09. Bad Habit
10. Hotter Than Fire
11. Angels Cryin' (Bonus track)
12. Shining Star Voice Outro (Bonus track)

Starman Red (Kristian Hermanson) - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Starman Purple (Andreas Lindgren) - Lead guitar, vocals
Starman Silver (Marcus Sjöblom) - Drums, vocals
Starman Gold (Jonatan Samuelsson) - Bass, vocals

Welcome to My World (2020)
Kiss the Sky (2020)


Produced by Kristian Hermanson
All songs written by Kristian Hermanson, except for “Shining Star” – written by Kristian Hermanson & Andreas Lindgren, and “Kisses of an Enemy” – written by Jonatan Samuelsson.
Recorded by Kristian Hermanson at Razor Point studio
Mixed by Kristian Hermanson
Layout by Jonatan Samuelsson
Bandphoto taken by Carl Emilsson

Released 2021-03-12
Reviewed 2021-03-27

sound pollution

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Starmen is a very diligent band having released two albums in 2020, they now come up with a new album here in the first part of 2021, it is their third album. I guess it is easy to be diligent when you aren’t really writing your own material, they are coping and slightly rewriting what other have done before them. They are making themselves up like Kiss used to do back in the days and Kiss is a band they sound quite a lot like, but you can also compare them with other bands. The first two albums weren’t too impressive, so what about this one?

Nostalgic music, it reminds me of bands like Kiss, Def Leppard and those similar to them. It is like they take their songs and do some new lyrics and some slight rewrites, nothing particularly original. The sound is better than what they performed on the first two albums, also the vocals are better this time. Not much variation through the songs though, but the songs are accessible and probably easy to like – especially if you have a nostalgic disposition.

It is the best album by this band so far, and it is a pretty good album. It is fairly enjoyable with good songs and so on, Spaceplane is probably the finest of the songs but they are all quite similar. None of the songs can be considered outstanding, but there is some hit potential here, especially if you like the nostalgic stuff and don’t really require fresh ideas. I think it is an album you pretty easily grow tired with as it doesn’t really offer anything new, fresh, or exciting.

If you liked what these Starmen did on their previous two albums you will find this album pretty agreeable, but if you want something else than another lesson in déjà vu it is not really something for you. The best album by this band is probably around average as there are so many albums that are much more interesting and better than this. Once Kiss was this exciting and innovative band with their sound and make up, but that was many decades ago, now Starmen does the same and it feels a bit tired, a bit old, I don’t think it offers anything really exciting. It is a moment’s diversion but not much more than that.