The Spacelords
Unknown Species

Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: King Buffalo/Evolfo/Spaceslug

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. F.K.B.D.F.
2. unknown species
3. time tunnel

Matthias 'Hazi' Wettstein - guitar
Marcus Schnitzler - drums
Ekhard 'Akee' Kazmaier - bass

synapse (2014)
Liquid Sun (2016)
Water Planet (2017)
Spaceflowers (2020)



Released 2021-12-03
Reviewed 2021-12-11

tonzonen records

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Space is always the final frontier, and now comes another one of those space adventurers to be viewed by the Hallowed gaze. We have looked at Spaceking and now comes a trio of Spacelords that takes us on a psychedelic space trip in three chapters. It is named Unknown Species, and those are pretty likely to be found somewhere out in space, but it is hard to know where. Before setting out finding these unknowns the trio released four albums, quite similar in character with long tracks, mostly three – the first was released in 2014.

Unknown Species looks relatively interesting, it is instrumental rock music. Psychedelic space rock, also somewhat fitting in what is often called progressive. The tracks are long, and I guess you could say indistinct or almost impressionistic, something like that. The sound is good, the feel of space is working here with darkness, cold, but also lights, and perhaps a touch of the adventure. Their choice of style is somewhat less common, but their execution isn’t exactly original, the ideas seem to be more borrowed than created, so it didn’t really strike me as novel or exciting even the first time I heard it.

I think that The Spaclords have managed to put together a decent space adventure, though more of a soundtrack than a music album, and probably not one that I will listen to more now that I have put words to paper. Still, it works, and fans of the band will most certainly find this to be an exciting adventure, and it has some strength and things going for it. You should probably check out Unknown Species, it is an album that isn’t going to leave you feeling negative about it, it is a nice way to drift away for a while if you have the time and patience. It can also be a soundtrack to believe you are on a space trip when driving in the darkness at winter and the falling snow is illuminated like stars by the car’s headlights. So, The Spacelords may not soffer anything outstanding our groundbreaking, but Unknown Species is a solid effort that can be worth checking out.