Soul Grinder
Lifeless Obsession

Label: MDD Records
Three similar bands: Vader
/Dies Irae/Behemot
Ratings: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Night's Bane (Nyktophobia)
2. Mercyful Fate
3. Terradeformer
4. A Worm's Repast
5. Lifeless Obsession

Mathias Junge - Bass, Vocals
Balrogh - Drums
Jan Resmer - Guitars, Vocals

Sadistic Parasite (EP 2018)
Chronicles of Decay (2020)

Nachtgarm - Vocals (additional)

Produced by Soul Grinder

Released 2021-06-04
Reviewed 2021-12-05

mdd records

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Death metal is a genre that is pretty static, it may be the most static of the metal genres. Sure, like the other genres it has some sub-genres like the melodeath, metalcore and stuff, but usually it isn’t much that differentiate the different artists and areas of the death metal area, with some exceptions of course. Brutal Death metal is kind of the archetype of the death metal genre, and at first it is a rather appealing style with the guttural growls and the smattering drums and brutal assaulting on the strings. However, it is as easy to grow bored with the style as its appeal, so nowadays I mostly wonder why people keep making music in said genre. Perhaps early adopters like Vader and whatever else they are called can be excused but what purpose is there for Sould Grinder?

Their brutal death metal could be by anyone of all those bands that has been doing the style for all these years since I first heard, and was intrigued by, the likes of Vader and their contemporaries. Sould Grinder are very recent but they sound just like anyone that came before, never straying far from that established brutal death metal core, stomping on those roots perhaps. The five tracks are growled like they always are, they sound the same as they usually do, and are produced as they mostly are, and they aren’t even covers as far as I know.

So, what is the appeal of such an album? If I want to hear this style of music like this there is already countless albums, why do we need one more. Perhaps music creators also should start thinking about wasting resources and care for the environment, I don’t really see the point of printing CDs for something that no one will have as a favourite or near a favourite release. Sure, these tracks aren’t bad or anything, the EP is okay in terms of quality of songs, but so many bands have done the same already that it leaves me questioning the purpose, is it like those cheap Chinese copies trying to earn money by copying what someone else has created?

Doesn’t musicians want to make something fresh and original? How can someone be satisfied to make something that sounds just the same as any random stuff? If played to a random crowd of death metal fans, very few if any would be able to guess which artist it was made by. It is probably fine for death metal fans, but this impersonal and sterile EP will not make much of an impression in the grander scheme of things. Kind of a fitting title for an EP obsessed with a style that is devoid of life.