Nefarious Wave

Label: Blues Funeral Recordings
Three similar bands: High on Fire/Mastodon/Baroness

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Tied To Stone
2. Tooth & Nail
3. Desire Lines
4. Beyond Your Last Breath
5. Watch The Lights Go Out
6. In The Grey
7. Nefarious Wave

Justin Sherrell — guitars/vocals
Philippe Arman — bass
Phil SanGiacomo — drums

Somnuri (2017)



Released 2021-06-04
Reviewed 2021-08-15

blues funeral recordings

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A nefarious wave is rolling in when the American band Somnuri comes up with their second album, one that looks really great. It is one that you could buy just for its cover, but the band from Brooklyn made some impressions with the self-titled debut a few years ago so chances are that it is more than the cover that is great. They are described as DIY by the promotional agency and I ready sludge amongst some reviewers, the one I take most stock in does like this one so it is not just the reviewers that likes everything. Is it worth checking out?

The sludge description isn’t off, with doom elements and stoner of course, in a way like it often is with these heavy sludge bands, but also with a pretty fresh sound. It is a very good production that plays on the band’s strengths and gives the album a very powerful as well as dynamic sound, the variation is also good. In difference to many other bands, they also keep the playing time very sensible, and that is a very important aspect to the overall feel of an album – too many bands bury quality in quantity, these guys don’t.

Nefarious Wave is a great album, not only the cover, but the songs are also strong as well. It is an album without weaknesses, but don’t expect simple hit songs as there is more depth to the album. The real strength is in the completeness, and the good thing is that they keep that completeness short and to the point as well, way too few bands do that. It is one of the more exciting albums within the genre, they certainly don’t reinvent the wheel, but the sound is fresh enough, and the songs are good enough, and that makes this album worthwhile.

The answer is yes, it is an album worth checking out. It is quite great, it doesn’t only look, but sounds good as well. Keeping things short often seems to be a good recipe and recommend checking the album out. It is certainly a very exciting nefarious wave that comes rolling in from Brooklyn, so why not check it out? I think it will be worth it.