Mosaik 127

Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Paul Jordan/Albert Yeh/Ryan J Raffa

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
1. Valentine
2. Bolzano
3. Still
4. Bielefeld
5. Somerset
6. 1 for N.F.

Lukas Schäfer – Composition, Synthesizer, Recording, Mixing



Patrick Leuchter – Mastering at Hidden Track Studio, Cologne
Örn Ingi Unnsteinsson – Artwork
Karl-F. Degenhardt – Artist photo

Released 2021-11-05
Reviewed 2021-12-30

acoustic motion concepts

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Lukas Schäfer comes up with a mosaic, I read comparison with glass mosaics of church windows and things like that when I read the press sheet for this album. I also note that it is made of recycled stuff, that is a good thing. The graphical material is mostly irregular shapes in several styles, said to also illustrate the concept idea of pieces fitting together like a mosaic. It is an album that gives a more artistic sense than most of the stuff we receive, but is it a very artistic album?

It is ambient and experimental, perhaps it is more like a piece of art than a music album as it feels a bit incoherent and dissonant. Synth driven and instrumental, more sounds than melodies at times, kind of a sludgy thing that doesn’t feel particularly accessible. Not for everyone is probably a good punchline. The soundscapes are not that amazing either, and while it might at first glance feel a tad more difficult to categorise, it is not exactly the first time this has been done.

When I played this in my car and drove passengers I got comments from everyone about how bad it was, usually they are polite enough not to comment but this was apparently worse than some black metal and other stuff I have played while driving people. And I cannot say that I don’t agree with their assessments either because it is rather terrible. The fact is that most of the music I have written about is better than this one, perhaps a plus for trying to be different. Failing when trying your own thing is at least better than just being an awful plagiariser, but I cannot really say that this one has its upsides.

Perhaps it is good that the physical release contains recycled elements, that makes the waste a bit more acceptable. But in the end, I cannot really recommend this one, perhaps as some kind of sonic art display but I seriously doubt that there is any upside with this one. There are so many albums that are better, so many albums you can enjoy, I don’t really know when there would be a point of listening to this.