Sailing Before the Wind

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: As I Lay Dying/Parkway Drive/August Burns Red

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Decaders
2. Sail Away
3. Cross the Ocean
4. Break the Silence
5. Misguided Sunrise


Ryoichi – Vocal
Kosuke – Guitar
Daisuke – Guitar
Hiroki – Drums
Bitoku – Bass

Judgement (EP 2012)
Sanctuary (EP 2016)
Revised Standards (EP 2019)

Lucas Spencer

Produced, Written, Mixed and Mastered: Bitoku Sakamoto
Drum Arrangement: Hiroki Oono (C-GATE)
Lyrical Arrangement: Al Boltz (A Scent Like Wolves)
Artwork: kyogudrddd
Band logo: Pedophiliac Torture

Released 2021-08-20
Reviewed 2021-11-14


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Is it immemorial stuff from Japan here? Well, metalcore it is, and it looks pretty nice from the cover. A five-track EP containing only two freshly written songs and three rerecordings, a bit odd for a band that haven’t released an album yet but has a few EPs before this one in the catalogue, guess you can celebrate a decade as a band in that kind of way. Thing is though that the cover is probably the most interesting thing about it, not the rerecorded old songs or the new ones.

It is standard metalcore, usually Japanese bands have a distinct flair to them but this sound very generic. Could be from anywhere. Immemorial is as I previously mentioned an EP with five tracks, three old and two new, I can’t say which is which as the songs sounds about the same anyway. What is good is that they have a vocalist that is more interesting than most metalcore vocalists, usually the singers of that genre aren’t impressive. The problem is that the sound is quite generic and when playing it over and over like before I reviewed it today it is not really distinguishable where the EP ends or begins, it all just blends together into a mishmash.

I would not say that this is the most impressive EP I have heard, nor is it the worst. You could argue that this ever more mediocre average has the advantage that the barf-worthy albums are fewer, problem is that the great ones are as well. This one is good in most regards, nothing bad about the songs or anything. It is just so generic that I stop paying attention, like most elevator music it happens in the background while the mind wanders elsewhere.

I don’t think anyone needs to bother with this, sure it will not disappoint in the regard of hating the album or anything. The problem is that not being bad isn’t a good sales argument and I cannot really find any other arguments for this one. Metalcore according to format, no worse or better than the average.