Ropes of Night
Impossible Space

Label: Golden Antenna Records
Three similar bands: The Chameleons/The Sound/The Cult

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Aonther Closing Door
2. The Whispers
3. Perfect Prison
4. Vanishing
5. The Drowning Lesson
6. What's Done Is Done
7. Lunacy By Which We Kneel
8. Strange Moons
9. If Death Was A Color

Thomas Schindler - bass, vocals
Martin Stenger - guitar
Ralph Schmidt - guitar, keys
Manuel Schaub - drums

Ropes of Night (EP 2020)


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Rosczyk at Goblin Sound Studio
Artwork by Tobias Hahn
Cover and band pictures by Daina Forys

Released 2021-09-03
Reviewed 2021-09-25


golden antenna

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I guess there is space and then there is Impossible Space, like when it comes to the debut album of the German post-punkers Ropes of Night. A band that has a two-track EP from last year in their history so far. This debut album looks interesting with the dark cover and the figure that is interestingly illuminated, and a member of Fotocrime says the band is familiar yet fresh and exciting – and I know that Fotocrime is those things so they should know, or should they? I try this one in the car stereo to enjoy while I pollute the world while transporting to places I don’t really want to go to, and I can quickly conclude that this is a good one.

Post-punk is probably the description that is best to describe this album, the inspirations are from classic gothic rock and punk stuff. It has a somewhat familiar, but also quite fresh sound with punkish yet gothic appeal. The vocals are quite strong and the sound itself is very well balanced, I think you can conclude that the production is very good. They also keep it brief enough to sell it with the variation it offers, it is not the most varied album but has more than enough variation to keep you listening through the entire playing time. It is not an exaggeration to call it a good production.

It starts in a captivating manner with the track Another Closing Door, probably my favourite track of the album. That good start sets a strong tone and draws me into the album immediately, and all the tracks are strong from opening to end. Besides the aforementioned opener it is the ending pair of tracks that makes most of a mark and with that they have put together an album that is really interesting from the opening to the ending track, there are no weaknesses to speak of. Impossible Space is a very appealing album that can be enjoyed many times over.

It is worth checking out as it is a really strong album, fans of the post-punk style of music shouldn’t miss an album such as this one. But it should have a wide appeal with the great music, accessible songs, and the freshness that is hidden within familiar sounds. They have certainly put together a strong debut album, it should promise an exciting future. And with that I can only conclude that it would be a good choice to check out this album.