Red Mecca

Label: Massproduktion Sweden/Playground Music
Three similar bands: Cabaret Voltaire/Dead Can Dance/Kraftwerk

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. All Those Stored Errors
2. Atlantic
3. Runaway with Me
4. My Intergalactic Cap
5. Songbirds
6. Let Me In
7. The New Way
8. Chimera

Jan Strandqvist – keyboards and music
Susanne Jonsson – vocals, keyboards and lyrics

You Were Never Here ‎(2013)
Covered With Rain ‎(2014)
Electricity (2015)
I See Darkness In You (2018)
Truth (2019)


Recorded at Kalovidouris Sound Studios, in Volos, Greece
Mixed and mastered by Dionysis Christodoulatos at CFN recording studio Athens, Greece
Cover art by Kiriakos Balanos

Released 2021-04-30
Reviewed 2021-07-10



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Swedish duo Red Mecca comes back with another album, it is called Away and it is said to be sometimes even darker and atmospheric and many things to that effect. It is not an album with the most attractive looking cover, but it is of course never fair to judge the book by its cover and what is inside might be better. But is it?

The style is electronic, I think darkwave, post-punk, electro-pop, synth-pop are all useable descriptions for this release. The style is pretty atmospheric, a bit dreamy, especially crowned by Susanne’s dreamy vocal style. The production and sound is fairly good but perhaps not the best I have heard, and the album is a degree of similitude through the eight songs. The playing time can appear a bit on the long side thanks to this lack of variation and depth, I wouldn’t say that it is a very fresh album either.

This album is a solid effort, good in some regards but also a tad uninteresting due to it failing to really attract my attention. It would have benefitted from a more hit songs and fresher ideas, I don’t think there is anything about this album that stands out, it is just one more album in an already very saturated pile of music. It would be fun if Red Mecca had dared to do something different or exciting with this new album, but I suppose they preach well to their own flock and perhaps that is enough – but it will not gain them any new fans.

Is it worth checking out then? I am not so sure that it is, perhaps if you prefer the genre but the word that comes to mind for me is mediocre. I don’t think that this album offers anything particularly exciting, it is just another one of those that make up the numbers where you think they should have dared more, thought outside the box, or brought us some hit songs – but in the end I think that Away is best unheard.