Perfect World
War Culture

Label: Petrichor/Hammerheart
Three similar bands: Turning Point/Killing Time/Crown of Thornz

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Quarantine
2. lariat
3. My life runs out
4. King of the Night
5. World of execution
6. Breaking News
7. I Walk
8. Wrest
9. War culture
10. Human targets
11. Mission
12. exchange
13. Become What You Hate




Recorded with Adam Cichocki at Timbre Studios

Released 2021-09-10
Reviewed 2021-11-21



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In a perfect world for myself there wouldn’t be any war culture, or any war. Though to make it truly as perfect as possibly there probably would only be me alone there as well, as humans always tend to be in conflict about something. So, what about this New York based band who give us their debut album War Culture? Fun artwork, slightly different. They are described as NYHC or a band that takes the classic NYHC and incorporate more modern hardcore elements and keeping the lyrics authentic, is that lyrics critical of society like the punk rock the hardcore has evolved from?

Most of the descriptions from the press sheet, personally I think it sound a bit archetypical of the hardcore style, I like raw energy and aggressive tone – pretty good vocals. It is also fine that they keep it short with abut thirty minutes playing time. They do what they do well, but they are hardly innovators and what they do has been done many times before, sometimes better and sometimes worse.

Not really anything outstanding, but I think it works and I do like it. It is not something that has any kind of allure to draw you in but when listening it is easy to enjoy. So, War Culture is adequate, and it is more than likely that hardcore fans like it way more than I do. It was a tad worrying in that regard that there were so few reviews to be found though, that could mean that those that were thinking about reviewing the album didn’t like it. But it could just mean that reviewers like myself get way more albums than they can ever listen to, and the album was overlooked because of that.

I don’t think it would be a waste to have a look at this one, it may not revolutionise anything or bring anything truly amazing to the table – but it is a fine hardcore offering that gives us plenty of energy and aggression, and that is what it is about. So, if you like the genre you should give this one a try as it is a good album, if you are a more neutral observer there is however a decent chance that you will just nod in approval and then forget all about the album and the band.