Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Miss Behaviour/Degreed/Boulevard

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Starbound
02. Rise of the Underdog
03. Tainted Heart
04. Somewhere Sometime Somehow
05. Joker (In the House of Cards)
06. Go For the Legends
07. Shut It Out
08. On the Streets Again
09. Within the Depths of Love
10. All Up

Oz Hawe Petersson - rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals
Fredrik Werner - lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitar
Olof Gadd - Bass, backing vocals
CD - Drums, percussion

GBB2LA (2010)
Never Too Late (EP 2011)
Salvation (2012)
Covered Up (EP 2013)
Triumphant (2013)
Transition (2015)
Rock It Up (2016)
The Labyrinth (2017)
House of Mirrors (2018)
Last Call - The EP Recordings (2018)

Mark Holden - saxophone

Produced by Oz Hawe Petersson and Fredrik Werner
Mixed by Svein Jensen
Mastered by Christoffer Borg

Released 2021-10-22
Reviewed 2021-12-31


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So, are they bound for the stars as the title suggests? That is one question taking on this review by Swedish band Osukaru, who releases their sixth album according to the press material. Looking up discography from several sources I tend to find that they have done more, but what matters is the quality of this one so maybe it doesn’t matter or maybe the press release doesn’t count their independent releases. The cover is pretty good, I always like it when bands in the harder rock genres go for a white cover as it always looks nice. But looks is one thing and this cover will not make its way into my collection.

The style is typical of the melodic rock/hardrock stuff, AOR is another label used for it. It is always a thing when you immediately think of a dozen band that you think sound the same, it is a bit of a warning. The production is poloished and nice, songs are catchy and melodic, like it usually is in the genre. The name Osukaru is probably the most exciting thing about the album, the original thinking ends with that. The variety of songs is typical, as is the vocalist, perhaps the voice is slightly coarser than the genre standard, but the difference is too small to notice and is mostly here to add some words to a review where it is hard to find the words as this album can be summarised in one sentence: Average AOR that sounds too familiar and isn’t good enough to stand out.

The opening track gives a glimmer of hope, it is good and catchy, but it is all the album has to offer, and to be honest it isn’t a terrific song. The album is according to standard, kind of as exciting as a kitchen table or chair. Made to form with no originality, no creativity, no hope. Albums like these are twelve a dozen, and they don’t excite anyone who have heard a couple of them already. I would have loved it if I hadn’t heard this genre before but unfortunately for Osukaru I have heard equally good or better albums in the genre only this last month.

Albums like Starbound is what makes me evaluate the continuation of this webzine, the albums arriving is becoming increasingly bland and hard to write about. I fill the reviews with pointless anecdotes and comparisons because there is nothing more to say about the 400th album that sounds just about the same. How exciting is that? Yes, not at all. It doesn’t matter how much Osukaru perfect their craft, at best they can make a very good album – but this one is just about average, I doubt Osukaru will ever be bound for the stars. But who knows, they might get a ride in a rocket ship.