Murder of Crows

Label: Black Lodge Records
Three similar bands: Testament/Vio-Lence/Overkill

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Pitchblack
2. Murder of Crows
3. No Light After All
4. When Water Thickens Blood
5. Friendly Sociopath
6. Abusados
7. Misery Inc.
8. Facing Towards You
9. Hatetrend
10. Blood to Spare
11. Useless to Mankind

Matías Leonicio - Vocals
Francisco Haussmann - Guitars
Sebastián Puente - Guitars
Roberto Soto - Bass
Punto Sudy - Drums

Heaven Denied (2006)
Ten Broken Codes (2008)
Jehovirus (EP 2010)
Apátrida (2012)
Formula For Anarchy (2015)



Released 2020-11-13
Reviewed 2021-03-07


black lodge records

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A band called Nuclear that plays thrash metal, that is what we are looking at today. Their fifth album is called Murder of Crows and it has me wondering if they really understand the meaning of both their name and especially the title of their new album because none of them seems particularly thrashy. The cover of this new album called Flock of Crows, if you look at what the expression actually means, isn’t brilliant either and I find the freshness aspect of this album quite repelling. It is not just calling the album Murder of Crows is raising questions about the creative thinking of the band, if you search the expression and look at what is listed on Wikipedia, it is a quite long list and there are more that aren’t listed as well within the realms of entertainment.

The lack of freshness in the title aspect is equally noticeable in the music that subscribes to the nucleus of the thrash metal style. Aggressive with angry growly/screamy vocals and fierce riffing, high tempo, all those elements that is at the core of the thrash metal genre. The songs are quite typical of that genre and the variation throughout the album aren’t that massive, it seems like a bit too long and it would have been wise to do away with maybe two of them to make it shorter more to the point, that would hide the lack of variation. Maybe it has to be ten to be a murder of crows, who knows?

It isn’t a particularly impressive album, maybe it works for the thrash metal fans but I would say that there is a likelihood that the fans will find it uninteresting as well. The album is disservice by the lack of fresh ideas and the lack of great songs, but sure it isn’t awful or anything. You can actually listen to the album even though it isn’t great or anything, maybe they are better on stage – the press material speaks of many shows all over the place with several well-known artists, so maybe the stage presence makes up for their lack of album quality. The problem is that the album doesn’t really have many arguments for it, I don’t think anyone would buy something just because it isn’t at the absolute bottom level, that is not a good sales argument.

This flock of crows will probably not make much of a mark, perhaps it could be for the fans of the particular genre but in the end I don’t think this album is interesting enough. There are just so many better albums in this genre that are more exciting and a lot better, it would be wiser to look elsewhere for your next album purchase as this one doesn’t quite have what it takes.