March in Arms
Pulse of the Daring

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Sabaton/Iron Maiden/Def Leppard

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. 1914
2. Altar of the Gun
3. Welcome the Blitz
4. Nisei
5. Pulse of the Daring
6. An Act of Valor
7. No Years Resolution
8. Thunderbolt
9. Omaha
10. Not for Nothing

Jon Parker - Guitars
Sheldon Swan - Guitars
Ryan Knutson - Vocals, Guitars
Scott McGuire - Bass
Phil Mueller - Drums

March in Arms (2018)

Esther Nissen - Violin
Emily Swan - Vocals (backing)
Audrey Graber - Cello

Recorded November 2018 with Jeremy Schaeffer at All Poetic Audio Studios
Artwork by Jan Yrlund, Darkgrove Design

Released 2020-12-04
Reviewed 2021-01-14


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A band that are marching, armed and dangerous perhaps and they feel the pulse of the daring. It is their second instalment and they have me thinking of bands similar to Sabaton and other warmongers and it has me wondering why the fascination with war and imagined heroism and human spirit that occurs in wartimes. It is that kind of stuff they write about, and the fiddled with the recording for well over a year before deeming it being good for release. I find that a bit strange considering that it isn’t really a complex sounding album or anything like that.

Pulse of the Daring is a pretty classic styled heavy metal album, nothing really daring or courageous about the musical direction. I would say that it is a pretty predictable album in most regards, it deals with wars and blackhawks, gatling guns and what have you – no surprises really. Decent production but I could not imagine that it was worked with since November 2018 when the album was released in December 2020, it should have been more elaborate, perhaps they overworked it so much that it sounds a bit ordinary because overwork usually leads there in the end. The vocals aren’t too impressive, and neither is the production, it sounds okay but not very exciting.

The title track is a good one, I really like that one and had the rest of the album been of that calibre there might be a case for it. But it isn’t, the rest of the songs are average at best and the positive notes are fewer than the more negative ones like the lack of ideas, the lack of soul, the dull lyrics, and a few other things. The positive are is title track, and not much else. That has me a bit uninterested towards the end, I don’t think that this is a particularly memorable album and can’t really see how it possible could stand out from all those other countless albums in the heavy metal genre – there isn’t anything that makes this album really interesting or unique.

Perhaps for the heavy metal, if you like said genre or mentioned bands you may find this album agreeable. It isn’t a very memorable album however, and I doubt it will make much of a mark at all. While there are some upsides, the album is mostly average at best it is a generic and pretty uninteresting release.