Magic Dance

Label: Frontiers Music
Three similar bands: Alphaville/Survivor/Starship

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Oh No
2. Long And Lost Lonely Nights
3. Zombie Breath Surprise
4. Cut Me Deep
5. When Your World Comes Down
6. Change Your Life
7. I'm Still Holding On
8. Changes
9. Restless Nights
10. Til Your Last Breath
11. I Can't Be The Only One

Jon Siejka - vocals, guitar, synths
Kevin Krug - bass
Gabor Domjan - bass
Luke Anderson - bass
Emanuele Moretti - bass
Kevin Mcadams - drums, percussion
Gdaliy - sax

New Eyes (2018)
Vanishings (2019)

Tim Mackey - guitar
Ziv Shalev - guitar
Stelios Andre - guitar

Christof Kempe: mixing and mastering
Artwork by Bo Bradshaw

Released 2020-12-04
Reviewed 2021-02-18


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Third album for this magic dance that is the project of Jon Siejka, and it has a really cool and interesting artwork. And Frontiers of course describe it with grand words, and some reviewers are doing the same sales pitch. I like the cover and that stuff, but it seems to indicate that it is a project that looks heavily in the rear-view mirror and the inspirations are clearly from the eighties in the synthpop and AOR genres. A really catchy album.

It is synthpop combined with AOR, accessible and catchy songs that are easy to like and really strongly produced. The singer is good as well, it is an album that you can take to very quickly. Most songs are pretty fast, and in a way that is good as faster songs are often more accessible in this genre, but it has the backside of making the album to melt together into more of a shape without distinct nuances. You can say that the album lacks a bit of variation and that the album seems to have a slightly long playing time.

Remnants is a good album; it is easy to like and has lots of appeal with several positive sides like the great synths and vocals. But the simple structure and catchiness has the backside of getting tiresome pretty fast and as there is no real sense of novelty it is an album that doesn’t give a very memorable impression. One reason for this might be that it lacks the memorable songs, none of the eleven we get stand out and I find that I have had enough of this album pretty quickly, much faster than with other good and simple catchy albums.

There is a good chance that you will find this album interesting and good, the songs are fine and the energy as well as melodies are really strong. So, it could be worth checking out, but I also think that there are many much more interesting releases out there that is more worth your while so it might not disappoint but probably not excite either. It is like most stuff Frontiers, pretty inoffensive and a little cowardly, not quite the magic dance I was hoping for.